The Animals

I have always loved animals. I had a dog, Sweet Thing, growing up. Sweet Thing was a little AKC Sheltie. Her AKC name was “Debaton Caprice Delight.” And a delight is what she was for me. I told her my deepest, darkest secrets. When I was sad, she sat under the pecan tree with me, watching me cry and offering her paw to me for comfort. I gratefully took it and it calmed me, warmed me and saved me many times from further tears. She always listened and always there. She was beautifully tri-colored, graceful and worthy of the name “Sweet Thing.”


So, here she is in all her glory. My first. I would have loved to have had a kitty to go with her, but, my mom told us that when she was little, there were cats everywhere…  cats “slithering” around her legs, “sneaking up on her, oh  my, how she hated cats.  There would be no cats in this little girl’s early life. But, there were plenty to follow.

I love to name my animals unique names. I once had a solid white cat. Her name was “Honkey Cat.” I once brought a kitten home when i was out of Prozac. yep, you guessed it. Her name was Prozac in case i ever ran out of Prozac, I would never truly be out ! I used to take Desyrl for sleep. yep, a cat! Currently, we have Barn Cat, who , guess what? lives in the barn. We have Short Fat Cat and she is and Little Foot whose feet are very small! See what I mean? Unique, fun names. How else would you name an animal?

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