Pregnancy , Morning Sickness and Texas Heat Spells Hot Fun in the Summertime? Not So Much!

My baby was due in December, meaning most of my pregnancy was in the hottest part of the year- summer, and to a lesser extent, fall. To be honest, I don’t think it would have mattered if it had been in the wintertime.  I was very sick the first six- yes , six months of my pregnancy.You know they say that after a couple of months, a new behaviour becomes a habit. Let it be known, it did not take two months for me to figure out that when I awoke every morning, I would be sick. So, as if I didn’t already rush to the bathroom in the mornings when I first woke up, it was now becoming a double or nothing bet that I would be there even faster than before. Barfing first, peeing next. Funny how your priorities change when you’re expecting.

We didn’t have any books like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Consequently, many things happened that I never expected. Throwing up every day wasn’t necessarily one of them. But, throwing up several times a day for six months- now, that was totally unexpected. Even if someone or some book told me it would have been that long, I’m not sure I would have believed them.Because I was so sick while I was expecting, I only gained 16 pounds. Some people might say, “What a lucky duck!” But, no, nothing lucky about throwing up all the time. At each doctor visit, I complained about throwing up so much. At first, I was instructed to put crackers by my bed – saltines to be exact. When I woke up in the mornings, I was to eat one or two. So, I did . And then, promptly went and threw up. Next month’s appointment, I reiterated my complaint. I was finally given a pill to take the very first thing when I woke up and then I was to eat the crackers. I then proceeded to the bathroom and threw up. Suffice it to say that nothing really worked and throwing up was my least favorite sport.The drug I was given was called Bendectin, which I learned later caused birth defects in some kids, but since I threw it all up, I had no worries. Despite all the nausea and vomiting, I really did love being pregnant.

In 1974, if you were pregnant and wanted to swim- there was an overabundance of the ugliest swimsuits you ever saw. Of course, they had bikini bottoms and very long tops so no one could see you had a baby there! oops. One would not want to let anyone see that part. Maternity clothes were not the fashion statement they are today, I can tell you. They were more like the fashiono faux pas !


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