Thirteen, a New Life at Baker’s Acres

Friday, June 13, 2014, an odd day indeed being friday the 13th AND a full moon all in one. A sweet new life was born on Baker’s Acres. Thirteen Donkey, son of Bambi and Chris Donkey and new brother to Gregory Donkey, was born.

A sweet chocolate donkey with a black cross on his back, wobbled to and fro on his just born legs trying to find his mama. He was just warm and safe and now – where was this place- what was all this stuff around him? He didn’t know, but thought, “It’s nice here, innit?”

Here are some photos of Thirteen and his family  tree. All the humans and animals are excited and the barnyard is abuzz with the news of a new life here. Life is precious- no matter whose it is.

"nice here innit?"- Thirteen Donkey
“nice here innit?”- Thirteen Donkey
Bambi and Thirteen.
Bambi and Thirteen.
"Brother? Who ordered a Brother?" - Gregory Donkey
“Brother? Who ordered a Brother?” – Gregory Donkey
"We had a what??"- Chris Donkey
“We had a what??”- Chris Donkey