Labor of Love


Last night, after I wrote my blog, I was pretty tired and decided to go to bed. It  was a bit late- not too bad though. I crawled in bed and watched all my late night shows. Stephen, by now , had been sleeping soundly for a while. His steady breathing, rhythmic, his snoring… well, loud. 

We had brought our pregnant dog in the house earlier that morning after noticing she was separating herself from the other two outside dogs -even snapping at them when they came near. I had a feeling it may be time for her to deliver, although we hadn’t even realized she was expecting except for the ever filling teats she had been recently displaying. 

She slept in the laundry room, in her crate, quietly all day. Stephen let her out just before bed and let her stay in the bedroom. Well, we really had no choice after she scrunched under our bed and proceeded to carry on a little conversation with me in order to inform me it was about time for her to deliver. Soon after she quieted down, I thought I’d heard a little squeeking sound, but couldn’t believe it had been that fast for her first puppy to come. Pretty soon, I got up to look, poking Stephen and hollering, “We’ve got a puppy!!” Twig is an off white Pyrenes/Shepherd mix and this first puppy was jet black. Interesting- interesting indeed. We had seen a black dog earlier, but neither of us recognized it. It had a red collar, but could it be the dad? We just didn’t know.

Next, came a kind of mottled puppy , a blonde, three off white puppies like her and her brother and sister (whom we own as well), a gray puppy and another black one. Eight puppies? Where the heck had she hidden them? She didn’t look pregnant at all. Especially with eight puppies.

I’ve owned a lot of dogs, but have never had the opportunity to see any puppies born.It’s such an amazing process. Of course, I couldn’t help but think about God while Twig was delivering her little litter. The little puppies were delivered in a bag of sorts and Twig would lick the bag off- giving her puppies the “kiss of life.” God does that for us when we are born into our family of origin and again when we are reborn into His family. We have life already, and when  we join God’s family, we have life more abundantly and everlastingly. 

After joining in the family of God, it is our job to sort out how our own lives can bless God and bless others. Being nice to each other is helpful, but is it enough? I don’t think so. I feel like it is my job to make my life sing God’s praises. Anything I do is because God has given me the ability to do it. Left to my own devices, I know I would fall short of His expectations. I love that everyday God breathes new life into our bodies, opens our eyes to new opportunities to show His love through our actions, words and deeds.  Is that what you love in your life? Do you love to find something new God has in store for you? He may well take you out of your comfort zone. He has definitely done that for me. The funniest thing happened when he did- I felt more comfort than I ever had before! Hope you do too!

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