Tough Guy? It’s a Myth

“But, it’s not really the Christian way to be strong all the time,” Charlie said to me, over a cup of Starbucks.  “God made us not to be strong, but to need Him.” 

I’d not thought about it like that – ever. As  I contemplated his statement, I realized not once did I think  I could be weak. I was brought up to be strong, pull myself up by my bootstraps- brought up to believe tears could do no good. I worked hard on not crying so I would not appear weak. It was hard work to be strong all the time- to negate my feelings of weakness, and neediness.

I felt as if someone gave me permission to be me- a person who needed help, needed God to swoop in and help me fight my demons, fight my battle. The battle was no longer mine to win or lose. It was already won.

A lot of us are taught to be the tough guy, the strong man or woman who can handle whatever life throws at us and it’s really just a bunch of malarkey.  There is always some time in our lives that circumstances bring us to our knees- where we just find ourselves unable to cope on our own. That is the time to ask for help. Don’t be afraid as I was to ask for help from your family, friends . Never be afraid of asking for God’s help. That is what He is there for – that’s what He made us to do, to be. Don’t jump through the fire all by yourself because you don’t have to.

Don't do this by yourself.
Don’t do this by yourself.

In the course of your day , when you feel weak, cry out to God- your strength and righteousness- “Oh God- how i need you!”

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