Happy Birthday Mother

my mother in the Holy Land
my mother in the Holy Land

Today is a special day for me. You see, it would be my mother’s birthday. I am especially teary-eyed as I write this since she passed away in 2004. It has only really been lately I’ve missed her hugs, voice, silly little sayings and phrases. Her  temper could flash when she was mad, turning her hazel eyes to green. My eyes do the exact same thing. She was more well known, though for her incredible laugh. She laughed most of the time. I laugh most of the time. She was everyone’s everything in our family. Mother, mentor, friend (as we grew older), teacher, everything.

She was a beautiful soul and beautiful outside as well.

She was a beauty.
She was a beauty.

She had a hard, but full life. Her immediate family had troubles while growing up. What family doesn’t. But she was so sensitive (at times!) to other’s needs and her heart so big, she had to hide the scars she carried with her.

She made sure her kids had everything we needed- ballet and tap lessons, piano lessons, God- first and foremost, lots of love, experiences, laughter, social graces. She taught us everything, loved us completely- sacrificing things she might have wanted to do or have for us.

Our dad was mentally ill after he came back from the war. She took care of him, loved him and sadly said “see ya later” after 44 years of marriage when he died in 1984.

Mother and I had a love-hate relationship during my teen years. Most parents and kids do. As I got older, with a family of my own- troubles of my own, we became closer and closer. She was the one I called on for advice , hugs, and comfort. When my son, Micah , was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, she was the one I shared my fears with.

After Daddy died, Mother began going to book clubs, going with the seniors at her church to the Holy Land and other areas of the earth. How she loved those trips.

I took her to the hospital three days after Thanksgiving.  I told her it was okay to let go. “We’ll be fine.” I whispered. She passed away three weeks later. I was relieved she didn’t have to suffer any longer . She had stage 4 ovarian cancer. We never even knew.

I miss her madly now. I find myself laughing like her, using her phraseology, and more. I’m convinced that is a compliment to her. Her daughters are her. That’s how indelible she was.

I love you Mother. Thank you for taking such good care of us . Happy Birthday , see you soon.

laughing came so easily to her.
laughing came so easily to her.

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