Back to School … already

Well, here we are once again, Back to School in full swing come Monday morning. Even when I was a kid, it seemed school just started too quickly – and that was when school started in September! We would get out the last of May- generally the 31st. It seemed back then we had three whole months til we had to go back. I can remember those three months seemed like such a long time . Whoosh! Our summer vacation was already over and September was here. Now, folks go back to school the third week in August  and I know the kids must feel like their vacation was almost none-existant. 

My grandsons live in California and while their school year is longer, they get longer and more breaks during the year. Because of this, they don’t feel like they are shorted any amount of time. 

I will be praying for these kids this year.They deal with so many issues we never had to cope with. Not once did any of us ever have to worry about shooters in our schools, sexual abuse at the hands of some teachers or principals. Never did I have to worry about being kidnapped as I walked to school – something I seldom did anyway. Kids are our future. They should be treated as the special people they are. So, I’m entreating you to pray for them too. In this day and age, prayer is really all we have.

Back to School Pic

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