It’s Micah’s Day!

26 years ago, I gave birth to a red, wrinkled baby boy. Oh my gosh! I gave birth to him around 2:20 or so in the afternoon. He already tried to come a month early- just couldn’t wait to get here, but he was only 2 days early. I had not wanted to have another baby yet – my daughter was almost 13 and my son was about 22 months. It was too soon! But, God knew something about this boy I didn’t know. I didn’t know he would become one of the most loved and beloved human I have ever known. I didn’t know he was coming to teach me and his daddy and everyone he was around things. I know it sounds weird- just bear with me. 

Every pregnancy is different. But this pregnancy was so different from when I carried David and even Amanda. They moved alot and they moved early. Micah didn’t move til he was about 4 montths along. I worried something was wrong. I’d never experienced a pregnancy where the baby wasn’t hyperactive. It scared me. I wasn’t as sick with Micah as I was with David and not even close to how sick I was with Amanda. Just nauseous. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was my time to rest and take care of myself. God was sending me someone special.

As I stated, I gave birth about 2:20 or so in the afternoon. I was worn out and there had been a bit of trouble during labor . When he was born, I heard someone say, “He’s blue.” He was whisked away and I barely even got to see him.  I asked repeatedly where he was and why i couldn’t see him. No one answered me. 10.30 p.m and almost asleep, the doctor came into my room and announced my little boy was sick after I asked him why i  couldn’t see my own baby. He told me his lungs had fluid on them and they were having to give him antibiotics. I can’t remember if he was on an IV or not. I complained I hadn’t even seen him and someone brought him to me immediately. He was red, wrinkled and his eyes were not clear.  I cried. Both my other children were blue eyed blondes and healthy weights. This one was sick already and even though I searched his face, I could not find the answers I was looking for.

Over the next few months, we were in and out of the hospital for “failure to thrive.” He couldn’t gain weight, he couldn’t breath and worst of all, even though he ate a ton, he was malnourished. Finally, the diagnosis. 
“It’s Cystic Fibrosis,” the doctor said- “there is no cure, he’s just going to die.” WHAT???? I just had this baby. And this man was telling me he was just going to die?? NO!

I began to learn all I could about CF (cystic fibrosis) . I was so afraid to bond with Micah because I knew how much it would hurt if I lost him. I couldn’t help but bond with him- he was so beautiful and tiny and he drew you in like a fish on line. There was something about the boy. 

When he approached his year birthday, I was told the doctors were surprised he had lived that long. He was pretty  sick the first years. Everyone prayed for this one. His brother wasn’t too keen on him at first, but he grew to love him and they were best friends and still are.  Micah was back in the hospital at 9 and then not til he was 20 years old. He is our miracle. He is our young man. And a fine one at that. 

He is 26 today. In those 26 years, God has used him to draw many people to Him. God has blessed him with the gift of spirituality. He knows who his Protector and Healer is. He knows where he comes from and he knows where he is going. 

God chose to  bless me and my husband and two other kids with a gift – a gift that has taught us all what it means to love each other and what it means to love God. I am proud to call him my son and my gift. 

Happy birthday Micah. I love you more than words can express!

Micah and me.
Micah and me.

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