New Blogs to Read

I love learning. I figure when you quit learning, you might as well be dead. Learning should never stop when one formally leaves high school or whatever level of college you may have been in. So, when my Blogging 101 course suggested we say howdy to our neighbors and add five blogs to our reader list, I already knew I wanted to add some horse blogs and a couple of crafting blogs. Those are the things I do that I know the least about.

I bet you are all like (a phrase I hardly EVER use), “How can you own a horse and not know everything about it.” Well, my horse – I know. I know her little habits and quirks and stuff, but previous to adopting my horse, Licorice, I had last ridden about 30 years ago. Owning a horse has always been on my bucket list. So, now that I own Licorice, I want to learn all I can about the horse.The riding part is fun and relatively easy, it’s the rest I need to learn about!   So, adding horse blogs seemed only natural.

I also do crafts- I paint, make clocks, frames, home decor and other things. I do not draw. I’ve never been able to draw and it’s weird  that I am able to paint, but not draw! However, I want to learn new crafts, so I added a few of those . I came across a blog which teaches how to make duct tape jewelry. Such fun!

I will be looking forward to reading these blogs and appreciate someone nudging me to actually add blogs to my list! My hat’s off to ya!

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