I Don’t Want to Step on Any Paws…

One night, after working at Tom Thumb with my best friend Betty, we decided to go to Denny’s (our after work hangout). We worked the 3 pm – 12 am shift and we were generally hungry when we got off. Besides, we both dated cops and that’s where they ate dinner. First, we went to my parents house to get my daughter, Amanda. It was fun to take her with- she was about four. Oh, and I also had my dog with. Muffin loved to go riding. We all ate and flirted and talked and drank coffee.- coke for Amanda because I thought I was being “cool.” Betty was always so funny. She’d pause in the middle of her breakfast , light up a cigarette , breathe a long sigh and say, “Woo, I’m getting full. I’m just going to let it all settle,” and she’d finish her cigarette. I always giggled when she’d do that. Betty was about 20 years older than me and more fun than anyone had a right to be.Sometimes, We laughed and laughed so many times about so many things. Just thinking of her makes me smile.

Anyway, I digress. This one particular night, when it was time to go home, Amanda, Muffin , Betty and I jumped in the car and I pulled out on the service road to LBJ Freeway at Preston Road. I was in the far left lane and it was the lane in which you could make a kind of u-turn on the overpass to get to the other side of the freeway . A drunk guy drove up to the u-turn lane and turned in, hitting my left front quarter panel. In those days, no one wore seat belts and even though Amanda was in the back seat, she fell forward and poor Muffin was thrown into the front seat. We were all okay, but this brings me to the reason I don’t want to step on any paws. Fast forward to the present.

I just saw a commercial for pet car seats. Really? I mean, as a animal lover, I can see the reasons for having such an item. But, I have to wonder how many people actually invest in a dog or cat car seat? What if you are taking your hamster somewhere, is there a seat for that? Or your pet rat? I once had a rabbit. Hmmm.

would you buy one?
would you buy one?

Surely people have a sense of humour about this notion, right? Some do anyway. Don’t they? oops. I may have to crawl back into my hole now. I may have stepped on some paws.

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