A Picture Book of Animals

My friend,Martie, who writes “Is that a Hair in My Biscuit?” here on WordPress posted about her two dogs today. I have now been inspired to blog about our animals. We live out in the country on three acres and our animals are many and varied. I thought today, I would write just about our two horses- the next time- our 6 donkeys. The time after that, our 9 dogs. We also have three cats, and three hens.

Houdini is a little miniature horse. I adopted him when I adopted my Tennessee Walking horse, Licorice. I adopted him for my grand daughter who is only 2. He is more of a pet than a horse to ride or draw a cart- although he could if we trained him. The thing about miniature horses is that you cannot put more than 50 pounds on their backs. He is kinda square shaped- that’s just how they are . They look heavy set , but it is very muscular.

I do not know if you remember the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spokesman, Fabio, but that is exactly who Houdini looks like. Fabio had long  hair – blondish and flowing. So does Houdini. Fabio is very self confident. So is Houdini. Fabio is a ladies man. So was Houdini. You can see them together here.


Twins? Don’t you think?

Next up. Licorice.I have always wanted to own a horse. I found that horse in Licorice, a 22 year old Tennessee Walking Horse who has had a rough life. One of her owners just decided not to feed her anymore and she was so very thin. When I went to the rescue, I actually was looking for another horse. But, when Licorice nuzzled me , that was all she wrote. She stole my heart . She came home to be mine in May. We ride almost daily. She is quite frisky for her age and she loves to prance for the kids at the daycare. I love this horse madly. I never thought it could be like this! How great is that?

my Licorice with a fancy mane
my Licorice with a fancy mane
lounging Licorice

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