Book of Animals- Part Deux#

“Why do you have donkeys?” , everyone asks. Well, when we were looking at the house we currently live in, the owner had a horse named Max and a donkey named Festus. My husband fell in love with Festus and I with Max. But, the owner was not willing to sell either or both. So, we didn’t think about it much longer than that. From time to time, Stephen would lament the fact we didn’t have any donkeys- but not much more than that.

After a couple of years, the drought caused hay to be rather pricey and donkey owners were getting rid of their donks left and right. I began to comb Craigslist for donkeys. I found two free male donkeys. It was close to Valentine’s Day and I thought it would be kinda funny to give my husband a couple of donkeys in celebration of our love. Although I was unable to get the donkeys for the exact February 14th day, I was able to get them a week later.

It was a cold, cold day for Texas and my husband was home on the computer. It seems to me, it might have snowed and work was closed for him. At any rate, the man who was giving me his donkeys, called and said he was at the house. I told my husband not to come outside because his surprise was on it’s way.  So, he would be unable to see what was going on, we unloaded the donkeys at the end of the driveway  right into the pasture. I said, “By the way, what are their names? ” He looked at me, grunting, ” Chris and Anthony. I named them after my brothers. Ha ha ha.”

“Oh brother- everyone is a comedian,” I thought.  Anyway, we enjoyed the boys by themselves for about a year. When Christmas came around, I decided to get two girls (Jennys). I thought both Stephen and the donkeys had been good and deserved these girls. Little did I know they were both pregnant when they came to us. Soon, we were up to five donkeys. The other Jenny  sadly lost her baby. The Jennys names were Blanche (for her white face) and Bambi (for her doe eyes). The baby born was Gregory since he had been born on our friend Greg’s birthday. Our newest donkey, Thirteen, was born on Friday, June 13, 2014. We will not be having any more donkeys since we now have a mare.

Donkeys have their own personalities. Each one i

Bambi- Gregory and Thirteen's mom
Bambi- Gregory and Thirteen’s mom

s different and almost all have the cross on their back. Donkeys are herd protectors. If we had a herd of anything other than dogs, they would be great protectors. But, donkeys, like horses, are not wild about dogs. The dogs try to herd the donkeys and the badonkadonks aren’t too happy about that.

So, with no further ado, I present our Donkeys-

Chris - just loungin' around.
Chris – just loungin’ around.
silly  Chris
silly Chris
the ever serious Anthony
the ever serious Anthony


one side of Gregory
one side of Gregory
Gregory's other side
Gregory’s other side
Thirteen,  a new life at Baker's Acres
Thirteen, a new life at Baker’s Acres

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