The “F” Word- the Ultimate Word?


As a young mother – well, even before then, the “F” word was my favorite word. Think about it. What word can be so descriptive, so encouraging, so vile, so… everything all at once. It can mean something is good, bad, indifferent, or so terrible. There is no other word that is “all-for-one-and-one-for-all” It is all-encompassing and all meaning. So, it should be the ultimate word.

Somewhere along the line, though, I quit saying it. It just didn’t sound-well- feminine. I say this knowing there are folks who would disagree . But, I was brought up that “ladies” didn’t speak like that. My dad, a navy yeoman first class, who had a few choice words from time to time, once told me that it never sounded intelligent to use so many swear words. I thought he was pretty smart myself.

The end of the use of my favorite word began one night when I heard a young lady overuse it. Nothing was just  this and that. No , it was “effing this and effing that.” I couldn’t help but think how terrible it sounded. I didn’t stop all at once. No, it was more like a diet- a dessert word – one that I could only use on occassion lest I overuse it myself.

Well, I prefer it this way, really. I’m in my fifties. Somehow, it just doesn’t sound right. So, for me , it isn’t. Is it for you?


7 thoughts on “The “F” Word- the Ultimate Word?

  1. My use of the f-word was tempered by the observation of a friend’s grandmother that profanity in general, and the f-word in particular, seemed to her to be “the effect of a weak mind expressing itself forcibly. You girls have bigger vocabularies than that. Why not use them?”

    Possibly because she didn’t ream us out for being unfeminine, but complimented our intelligence, that really stuck with me.


  2. I used to be an F person when I was younger. As I matured, I used it less and less. When I adopted my daughter, I was very careful and stopped using it around her. It has slipped out a couple times, but mostly now I just enjoy saying it when it is in a song … because, hey, it is in the song. I’m not saying it. That seems to fulfill my need to get the F out once in awhile!


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