Why the Confusion?

Yesterday, I went to a new hair stylist to get my hair cut.  I live in a small town where there is an abundance of hair dressers, Mexican restaurants, donut shops, hamburger joints and pizza places.

My usual hairdresser and I had an appointment at 4:30 p.m. . She texted me at 3 or so asking if we could reschedule the appointment because it was kid’s homecoming today and she had so much to do. I’m sorry? We had an appointment days ago.So, after much ado, I decided to cancel my appointment and try the new hair salon aptly named “Southern Roots”.

As I have stated earlier and frequently, my mother was a beautician. I’ve had my hair done professionally all my life. I loved it until I was a teenager. From the time I was a little girl, I had this spray,that gel,back combing,hair rolling. Now, I don’t. My hair is quite curly -especially when it is humid, which it is wont to be here in Texas. I’ve spent my life hating my curly hair – straightening it by drying it at the air conditioner. No- for real. I would bend over the air conditioner, brushing madly while the compressor blew my hair as straight as pick up sticks. My mother hated it. I loved it. The straighter the better.

Having been born in the late 50’s, I was an impressionable child of the sixties and seventies. Flower power, straight natural hair with no chemicals in it is what we were all about. Consequently, I still do not use these products. Yet, my stylists are constantly- well, I’m not sure amazed is the right word- maybe the correct word is confused- as to why I don’t use gels and stuff in my hair. I figured out this morning the reason must be that I had all that goop in my hair as a child and I had my fill of it. So, don’t be surprised if you one day have a client who does not use gel, blow dry their hair, and let their curls roll free. It might just be me.


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