7 Years Already

Just as I was dozing off on the afternoon of October 9, 2007, my telephone rang. It was a man from CPS telling me he had gotten a phone call from someone at Parkland saying my son in law was there and he was non responsive. My daughter, Amanda and her husband, Sean , were on their way from Commerce, Texas to see their children before the kids went to live in California for a year or so. How this man got the phone call from the hospital, I’ll never know. I asked where my daughter was, but he had no idea. I called my husband, ran to the car and began speeding to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital parking lot, I received a call that my daughter was there as well and we were to see the chaplain.

We met Sean’s family at the hospital and were led to a room where they told us the kids had been in a horrific accident. In an effort to avoid hitting a semi, Amanda veered to the left and lost control of the car. That’s all they could tell us for the time being. Amanda was in surgery,and Sean was already in the trauma ICU room.

Amanda came out of surgery late that night- almost into the morning. The accident was around one or two in the afternoon. The doctors told us they had put her in a medically induced coma, but they knew she had some brain damage. The truck had landed on her arm, cutting off the circulation. Because of the lack of blood to her arm, she had no pulse on that side of her body. They had to go to her right side to find the pulse. The operation was to let the blood out of the top of her arm and it was so swollen , they could not close the wound.

In the meantime, Sean was not stable and doctors were trying to stabilize his blood pressure and other vital signs, but it was to no avail. After two days, his parents had to make the tough decision to turn the life support off. I wondered if I would have to make the same decision myself. I could not imagine the anguish his parents must have gone through. Sean passed away October 11, 2007. A sad day for everyone. My daughter woke up Thanksgiving Day and the sad task fell to me to tell her of her husband’s passing.

I can’t believe seven years have already passed. Although Sean and I were never really close, towards the end of his life, we became a little closer. I miss him and wish we had had the time to become even closer.

I tell this story to say it can become too late to make amends to those you should . We never know how long any of us have. Take the time to write a note, pick up a phone and express what they mean to you. One day it may be too late. I’m glad I got that last hug when he visited us before he passed away . Rest in peace Sean. We miss you and we love you.

Sean and Charlie. May they  both rest in peace.
Sean and Charlie. May they both rest in peace.

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