our dingo, Jack
our dingo, Jack

I have happily decided that as a writer- I’m not too bad. I’ve begun a children’s series , “Jack”. Jack will learn various things and learn it’s okay to be himself. Jack is a real dog. He’s ours. A dingo- or Carolina dog as some call them. He is not wild and he hasn’t eaten any babies as  the Seinfeld episode suggested. He does have a personality that won’t quit. Always a smile on his face, the only time he is angry is when he sees his friend -turned-nemesis, Buddy. Oh my, how they  used to jaw-box on the living room floor til the cows came home.

When our Rosie passed away, Buddy and I had a heart to heart talk. I told him it was time to step up to the plate and be the dog of the house. He was happy to comply, but I didn’t know he would take it so seriously. I wanted him to be a leader, be a friend to the other dogs, guide them in  the way they should go. But, once he and Jack reached puberty, they both wanted to be the alpha dog. The difference was Buddy was willing to fight for it. Neither had been fighters before. I loved being able to take them for walks together . They would happily play and carry on. Sadly, those times have gone by the wayside.

And I have gotten well and truly off topic. Kind of. Anyway, Jack is going to have experiences in life that all good dogs should have with a lesson in there for him and children too. Anyway. Jack will be the star and I will be the voice. Watch for it to come soon!

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