Hate to say it, but…..

…..Hate to say it, but I hate Halloween. I know that doesn’t make me any too popular- especially since my good friend, Jackie Smith of Cemetery Tour fame – well, wrote Cemetery Tours, for heaven’s sake. She’s all about ghosts and stuff. Me? Well, I have to be honest… the thought just kinda freaks me out. Even though I lost my sanity years ago, if I allowed myself to think about ghosts and goblins and stuff like that, I’d become obsessed and then compulsively obsessed and then one thing would lead to another and paranoia and all manner of Ouija Board scares.

I had a Ouija Board scare once. It was my birthday- probably my 13th and I begged for a Ouija Board. My parents, against their better judgement, got one for me and I promptly called my neighbor, Julie, over.She was a year older, a year wiser, really cool and I was not all that at the age of 13. So, I felt pretty special with my new Ouija Board and my curiousity about the occult. She came over and we began our seance . I asked about boyfriends and stuff and then got a message I would die. I was SCARED TO DEATH! I cried all night that night. I’m not talking about crying on and off. No. I’m talking about being so upset that I cried nonstop until I got a spanking and Daddy promptly threw the Ouija Board in the trash and I never saw it again.

I truly believe the occult should not be messed around with by me. It bothers me and I just guess I’m too much of a scardy cat . I don’t see any reason to tempt any evil powers that be. I think I’ll just stick to God.

mine looked like this. gives me shivers!
mine looked like this. gives me shivers!

6 thoughts on “Hate to say it, but…..

  1. That’s okay, Paula! Tonight, I had a friend ask if she could bring a Ouija board over to my already very haunted house. My answer to her was heck no!!! I do NOT mess around with that stuff. I might write about it, but I’m a real wimp when it comes to experiencing it!

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  2. I don’t blame you one bit. That was a scary experience for a 13 year old. I also had a Ouija board, but no bad experiences, just a bunch of what’s happening. Isn’t this supposed to DO something? Stick with God, he won’t let you down.


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