It’s Time to Post about Awards

It’s time I answered those who nominated me for an award. the crafty lady in combat boots  nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award and  Martie of Is That A Hair In My Biscuit nominated me for the Liebster Award.

While I  am flattered beyond belief, I feel I must turn the awards down and become an Award-Free Zone. I am sure there are many new bloggers who are much more deserving. I have not been blogging very long and am not even sure I have the hang of it yet! My blog is kind of wysiwyg.(what you see is what you get) I don’t have an organized structure of what I write and when I write it like most others. I am too “free spirited” and moody for that kind of organization. In fact, I never know what I will blog about until right before I write. I know that sounds crazy and it probably is, but I just love to write and this is practice for me. I want to keep my flow going and not become stagnant.

Now, I have read that it means death to your blog if you don’t accept the awards you are nominated for. I hope not. I’d like to have more followers and more likes and more comments. Isn’t that what each writer lives for? I’m no different and I hope that is not the case. If it is, I’ll just have to live with that.

Thank you Martie and Lady in Combat Boots. I am truly flattered and hope neither of you are offended.  For me, it was a great honor to just be nominated.

I will comply with some little known (on the web) facts about me. I’ll do 11 to  be exact.

*my eyes are hazel and turn very green when I am angry, or jealous

* i’m only 5’1. Everyone in the world is taller than me- well, it feels like it anyway

* I love my husband madly, but more, I admire him .

*My children and grandchildren are my heart and soul. I love them all.

*My animals are my next love. Family first, then animals

* I am a Christian, have been since I was 10 and I am humbled by that.

*Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year.

* Although I love being social, I equally love my time alone .

* I love my quirkiness.

* I sometimes laugh and laugh because I crack my own self up.


* i love wearing two different color socks!

I saved the best for last.

Once again, I hope no one is offended by my decision to keep my blog award-free. That is not my intent.

With that, I say thank you,  thank you, thank you! I am humbled and flattered.

I must attend to the animals now.

Thank you so much, but I must remain award-free
Thank you so much, but I must remain award-free

2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Post about Awards

  1. award or no award i remain your loyal fan… not because we is cuzzins… but because i just love reading the way you write. Direct and to the point, and funny at the same time…. I cannot wait to read your first real book…. it will happen, i know it…. and 2 different socks…. thats cause you hate folding socks..lmao…..


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