Christmas Carols in the Car

The beginning of this week found me being a real humbug. Nothing else could describe it. I said to my husband-or someone- “I don’t mind Christmas carols, but I’m thinking just the last two weeks of December would be fine to listen to them .Much more than that and this early, is just asking too much.” Now, I did admit to my husband, mostly to myself the statement sounded a bit Scrooge-ish.

Fast forward to today.When I listen to the radio, I either listen to KLTY, the local Christian Rock Station or KRLD 1080, all news. I love to listen to the news.The whole problem with spending the day in your car and listening to the news channel is the news seems to repeat every so often. I, then, get tired of hearing the same thing over and over. So, begrudgingly, I turned the station to KLTY. I say begrudgingly because I knew they were playing Christmas carols and I didn’t really want to hear them yet.  But,it was like I was drawn to it. I’m sure that was the case here.

The first Christmas carol I heard was “Mary, did you know?” -my favorite. Such a sweet song. If you haven’t heard it, the question is “Mary did you know your baby boy would one day walk on water? Mary did you know your baby boy would save our sons and daughters?” I love this song because -well, it’s kind of confusing. Sometimes, I imagine it’s God talking to her as a pregnant young lady. Most of the time, though, I think it must be a friend or perhaps God, talking to her after the death and resurrection of her Son, Jesus- not mockingly, but as if to comfort her. I can imagine how special she must have felt, knowing God chose her among all the women in world to carry His Son. I can imagine it was a heavy burden for her to carry, first by herself-before Joseph knew- and then for them to carry together. I can appreciate the excitement and burden they must have felt. I imagine it must have been overwhelming all in all.

You might be able to guess I felt as if God directed me to that station at that moment to remind me what Christmas is all about. Not stuff. Just Him.

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