She’ll Be Riding Six White Horses When She Comes

I’m excited tonight, but a bit scared. My daughter, Amanda , is coming home for Christmas. She does each year and each year, I find myself nervous because I want it all to be so perfect for her. It’s been a year since i’ve seen her and I’ve missed her so much.

I’m one of those “visual ” people who plays scenarios in her head only to be the one who is most surprised when the scenes are not just like I imagined they would be. The silly thing is that these scenarios play out in their own way- generally better than I could have ever imagined. Have you played out a scenario just to find out it came out better-or worse- than you imagined? I laugh at myself doing it now – at my age. I remember lying in bed at night doing that in high school – “I’m going to do this and he’s going to say this and it is all gonna be so cool and romantic.” hahha. never was quite as cool and romantic as I imagined.

The thing with mothers and daughters is that anything can happen and they still love each other in the morning. It’s always been that way for us and I know that no matter what goes awry, we can probably laugh about it. I can’t wait to see her beautiful face tomorrow. Safe journey Mandibear! i love you.

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