The Golden Globes and Others Like It

I was watching the Golden Globes this evening- Well, part of it. I don’t know- actors have so many awards. It seems they love to get pats on the back as if the millions they get for what they do isn’t quite enough. Pardon me- I’m not bitter, but I just wonder how many pats are necessary for a group of people to know they’ve produced good work and the public has shown them they like what they are doing by spending their hard earned money to go to their shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go to the movies- it’s just too expensive, I think.

So, while I was watching the “preshow”, “pregame”, as it were, I was struck by the actors standing on the red carpet waiting for their photo to be taken. I felt sad. Most were not smiling- just standing there waiting-as if it was a chore.

I don’t know- i’m all for rewarding a job well done-but over and over and over again? Sometimes, too much is just that- too much.

Thanks for reading my little rant- tata for now- tata.

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