Painting and Crafts- Since When?

I have never had any artistic abilities, nor crafting… nor any talent in what could even loosely be called art. Not until about a year ago, after I switched churches and saw an episode of Steve Harvey. You may wonder what the two have in common. Well, nothing really, other than being pieces to the puzzle that is my creativity.

I used to freelance for The Williamson County Sun in Georgetown, Texas back in the late 90’s. That was my favorite job of all time. Man, could I write!  Little did I know that it was because I had bipolar disorder and was not on any medication for it. Once I got on medication, my creativity- captured in my words all but dried up. I left the Williamson County Sun when I decided to move back to Dallas.  I don’t want to get into a big hooha of all that, but suffice it to say that I couldn’t even do a word find in the newspaper after that.

In later years, my medication was shifted- I came off some of it and put on some others, changed churches and watched Steve Harvey and my creativity came back with a fervor I’ve yet to really understand. My husband and I began going to The Gathering- a church for the unhoused-but not homeless as they had the church. I began doing things for people less fortunate than I and loving it completely. I loved people I had previously thought were loveless and was being blessed all the while unknowingly.

My daughter, Amanda, had been in town for Christmas last year when we caught an episode of Steve Harvey, where a lady asked Steve why men don’t get abstract art. She brought her abstract with her and said she was asking $4000.00 for it. Steve was going to help her sell it. The painting wasn’t all that. I mean, I wouldn’t have it in my living room, but that’s neither here nor there. I looked at my daughter and said, ” I can do better than that and I can’t even paint. ” So, I got supplies and went to work. I began selling my paintings! What? I never could draw, never painted, always said I had no creative bones in my body and I had begun selling paintings! Weirdness. So, that is why i attribute it to loving my church, loving the people there and Steve Harvey.

I quit painting , though for a couple of months- just haven’t really painted anything I thought was worthwhile. But, my grand daughter loves art and likes doing it with me, so, the other night I painted a couple of things and posted them here. I was so surprised to find people reblogging  my art work and telling me they liked it. It, like the first thing I ever sold, blew me away. So, I painted two more projects and humbly submit them for your approval. Gosh! I sure wish I could get discovered because I love art so much now- I could do it for a living…. yep- that and writing and paper crafting. So, if anyone is out there and wants to discover me- thanks in advance!  While I say this in jest- wouldn’t it be so cool if it actually happened!

Fools Gold
Fools Gold
Luminous Remembrances
Luminous Remembrances

Perfection, or Something Close Achieved

The cold weather aside, I believe today was the epitome of perfection. After a church service I had wished never ended (yes, it was that good), Stephen, my  husband of 33 years and I went to have lunch with one of our oldest friends. No, he’s not old, but he’s been our friend since our college days. Shoot, my husband plays in a band with him still. It’s got to be the longest running band ever.They don’t really play gigs anymore- but they do practice. One of the members moved to Washington state, so, he’s not here to practice. Anyway, I digress. Another story for another time.

When we arrived home, my granddaughter, Makayla and her mom, Natalie, Micah, our son ,and his wife were here. David came along later with food and lots of it. While he and Stephen grilled steaks and baked potatoes, Makayla and I worked at our art tables, while Natalie and Laura sat talking to us. I was still working on two pieces of art and Makayla worked on lots of art at one time,


10923522_10204274533798423_4624071758093772011_nThe above photos are my paintings – “Layered Topography” followed by “Volcano Tree”, followed by Miss Makayla’s “mine.”

We all ate together and laughed together. Everyone left before Downton Abby came on. Watching Downton has always been exciting .

All in all , a wonderful day. About as close to perfection as one could get in this world. Hope your day was just as good.

Book Publishing, Here I Come

Previously, I had decided I was going to use the crowdfunding group, to help fund publishing my children’s book. I have revisited my plan and decided to just go forward with it myself- put my money into the things I need to- it won’t be much and publish my book. I’m very excited about it. I will be contributing some of the proceeds to Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue & Adoption Network. Because my dog, Jack, who is, after all , the star of my books is a Carolina Dog- a dingo. They are the ones responsible for me finding Jack.

My friend Amber had texted me one day saying that a girl in Garland, Texas had adopted a dog thought to be a Carolina Dog, but she couldn’t keep him and  asked if I could go pick him up. So, my husband and I did go and pick him up and it didn’t take long figure out he was something special. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about dingos, other than the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine says hatefully, “A dingo ate cha ba-a-by”

Turns out these dingos are pretty smart. They’ve come over from the Bering Strait long years ago and are as primitive as they can be. They are wonderful, fun-loving, fiercely loyal dogs who love their moms and dads like nobody’s business.

Jack surveying his kingdom.
Jack surveying his kingdom.

Jack is the star of his own book series, “Jack Learns…”  In his first adventure, a newly adopted Jack is bored and wants to learn what grilling is. His second adventure finds him trying to quit whining and his third-well, he learns about bullies. Jack tries to keep the peace with his brothers and sisters, although he and Buddy, one of our Pyrenes/Shepherd mixes used to get into it. They are very separate now! It’s scary business when they get into it . I hope you follow my adventures in publishing these books. They are special because they teach children things without the child really knowing it. One book I am looking forward to writing is the one in which Jack learns not all children learn in the same way. We all learn at different rates, in different ways and not one of those ways is wrong! I can’t wait to teach that to Jack. I am praying these books are as successful as I imagine them. I hope you will join me.

the red in his coat is striking.
the red in his coat is striking.

Ringing in 2015

My visit with my daughter


came to an end in late 2014. Yesterday morning, as a matter of fact. We drove her to the airport a bit bleary eyed, but none the worse for wear. We all drug ourselves out of bed at 5 a.m.,tossed coffee down our throats and left for Dallas-Ft. Worth airport at 5.30. I had made an error when choosing her flight back home, thus making her have to leave at 7:05 a.m , arriving in New York for a three hour layover and then flying home to Michigan at 4. Bless her heart, she travelled all the live long day. I bet I’ll look more closely next time I make reservations. But, she was gracious and forgiving about it. It was a good visit with her and I hope it’s not a year til I see her again. We had a lot of fun and giggled quite a lot. She finally met her first and only niece and they look quite a bit alike! Pretty cool.

Later on, my husband- Stephen and I , watched a movie . He fell asleep. Today, he played Yahtzee with me- a big deal because he hates games. We then went to the store, bought  Lobster Bisque soup, sandwich stuff, pate and other things people only eat during special occassions. We then began to watch a movie and I fell asleep! I liked the movie- I just feel so tired. We have had a whole day and a half together and it has been bliss.

I hope you and yours have had a grand celebration of the new year- no matter how you may have celebrated. I have no idea how this year is going to pan out, but I’m hoping for a peaceful one for all. I am waiting for the day we all decide we have had too much violence and end it. I’m sure I’m dreaming, but wouldn’t it be nice? If it can’t be peaceful in the world, I’m going to do my best to make sure it’s peaceful in my neck of the woods. How bout you?

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!