On the Street Where I Live

This is the street that runs up to my house. When we bought the house, we lived outside the city limits- well, part of this road – thee grassy part- was in the city limits, but the other half of the road and our house was not. We have since been annexed, and one would think the city would fix our road, which has been, at different times- dirt, then gravel and now just gravel and pot holes. As you can see, we have notice of a private driveway and that is because we only have two houses on this road! It’s amazingly quiet with the exception of a few howling coyotes and dogs who try to mimic them. Those would be my dogs. In the middle of the night, mind you. But, of course. That’s when the coyotes are out. I have on occasion, seen a coyote during the day. One in particular is a beauty. She must be either very hungry or sick because, as a rule, coyotes don’t come out in the day. They are very afraid of humans. And vice versa.  I do love my street. It’s quiet -lovely when there is a brilliantly colored sunsight and much more than dirt and gravel. It actually has it’s own personality. One just must look closely and listen.

The street where I live
The street where I live

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