Blogiversary | Between Worlds by Jacqueline Smith – Excerpt

Jackie is an awesome writer! You’ll love this book whether you love ghost stories or not. I didn’t think i liked them til i read her book!!!

Stories Unfolded


Between Worlds Cover VER01TITLE: Between Worlds (Cemetery Tours Sequel)

PUBLISHER: Wind Trail Publishing


GENRE: Paranormal Thriller

Up in his apartment, Michael told Kate and Luke to make themselves at home while he fetched them something to drink. As always, Brink felt compelled to express his flat out astonishment that Michael was actually having guests over; even more so that he was having Luke Rainer over.

“What’s he doing here, anyway? Isn’t he supposed be off filming graveyards or something?” Brink asked.

“He said he was in town and decided to stop by,” Michael muttered softly.

“And here he is on your date. Nice,” Brink smirked. Michael glared at him. It was like talking to a skinny, teenaged Luke.

Michael could feel Brink trailing him as he made his way back into the living room, where Luke was filling Kate in on all of the…

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