Blogiversary | Between Worlds by Jacqueline Smith – Excerpt

Jackie is an awesome writer! You’ll love this book whether you love ghost stories or not. I didn’t think i liked them til i read her book!!!

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Between Worlds Cover VER01TITLE: Between Worlds (Cemetery Tours Sequel)

PUBLISHER: Wind Trail Publishing


GENRE: Paranormal Thriller

Up in his apartment, Michael told Kate and Luke to make themselves at home while he fetched them something to drink. As always, Brink felt compelled to express his flat out astonishment that Michael was actually having guests over; even more so that he was having Luke Rainer over.

“What’s he doing here, anyway? Isn’t he supposed be off filming graveyards or something?” Brink asked.

“He said he was in town and decided to stop by,” Michael muttered softly.

“And here he is on your date. Nice,” Brink smirked. Michael glared at him. It was like talking to a skinny, teenaged Luke.

Michael could feel Brink trailing him as he made his way back into the living room, where Luke was filling Kate in on all of the…

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So, What about Water?

Water and I have a love-hate relationship going on. Always have. At first,  I hated water- to drink, I mean.I love water when it is so cold that you can drink it down in one gulp. I do not like warm or lukewarm water. Who does? Let’s face it.

To swim-well, suffice it to say that during my youngish years, I swam daily. It’s Texas and as long as the pools were open, I was there.

When my boys were little, we went to New Braunfels where everyone goes to experience tubing. I’d never been tubing and thought it was a blast the first time I did it. My son, then two years old, was in my lap and he thought it good fun, begging me to go again. I had a bad feeling about it for some reason, but since he was begging, I opted to get back into line, ignore my intuition and go again with him. Well sir, we hit an under currant, was thrown from the tube and while I was caught up in it, I tried pushing him above the water, hoping to attract attention from someone- anyone. I am not  being overly dramatic when I say that I could see my life flashing before my eyes. It was such an oddity in that I could see certain events that happened in my life while I was struggling with the powerful under currant. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, I could not gain enough momentum to push past it.

Finally, I felt someone grabbing me up and pulling me from the water. I surfaced, coughing wildly, sputtering as I was being pulled out. I have been afraid to swim, tube or otherwise engage in water activities until recently when I began attending water aerobics for my arthritis. I haven’t been to the class in a long time now-not because I am still afraid, but for lack of time.

As you can gather, water and I – not best friends, more like an indifferent necessity.

clear, billowy water
clear, billowy water


sometimes calm,  sometimes fury, a nurturer, a necessity
sometimes calm,
sometimes fury,
a nurturer,
a necessity

On the Street Where I Live

This is the street that runs up to my house. When we bought the house, we lived outside the city limits- well, part of this road – thee grassy part- was in the city limits, but the other half of the road and our house was not. We have since been annexed, and one would think the city would fix our road, which has been, at different times- dirt, then gravel and now just gravel and pot holes. As you can see, we have notice of a private driveway and that is because we only have two houses on this road! It’s amazingly quiet with the exception of a few howling coyotes and dogs who try to mimic them. Those would be my dogs. In the middle of the night, mind you. But, of course. That’s when the coyotes are out. I have on occasion, seen a coyote during the day. One in particular is a beauty. She must be either very hungry or sick because, as a rule, coyotes don’t come out in the day. They are very afraid of humans. And vice versa.  I do love my street. It’s quiet -lovely when there is a brilliantly colored sunsight and much more than dirt and gravel. It actually has it’s own personality. One just must look closely and listen.

The street where I live
The street where I live

Where is My Home?

My home, my favorite place to be is in the pasture with my horses. I know it sounds a bit funny, but when I’m sitting in the pasture in the spring , summer, fall or on a warm winter day with my horses, I could not be more at peace.

As you can see, we’ve had a bit of snow and rain and the pasture is muddy, puddly and bare of horses. But, it’s still my favorite place.DSC_0388


It doesn’t matter whether it’s wet or dry, it’s my favorite place. It’s where I am relaxed, at ease and at one with my horses and the universe. The warm sun bathes my face with it’s rays and I feel whole. Where is your favorite place?