Excited and Honored

It would not be an exaggeration to say I am so excited about current events in my life that if I could climb up on the roof and shout it out , I would! Ever since Jack Learns to Grill came out on March 12, things and events and doors have been opening up like nobody’s business.

I have just been accepted to the Denison, Texas Authorfest , which is being held the first weekend in May. I have a book signing on April 18. April 25, I have a library talk , May, of course is Authorfest and another book signing and in September, I will be going to Indie Vengence Day- a day of celebration , book reading and book sales for independent authors. I went last year as a bystander. I told them I would be there this year as a participant. And I will be!  I’m not even maxed out on excitement. It just keeps building and building. My poor husband is overwhelmed! But, we are both loving it!

Thank you to those who are helping me out in my new career! I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated! Thanks also to you who read my blog so that you can imagine me gushing in person! me

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