Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Here in Texas, we have had so much rain, we are just about out of our drought. Excellent!  It’s raining again as I write and I wish we were able to dry out for maybe a week or so and then have another little rain. It’s not that soft, pitty-pat rain that lulls you to sleep on a spring afternoon. It’s massive rain with very loud thunder and loads of lightening strikes. Did you know the weathermen can tell how many hundreds of strikes per minute we have? It’s just amazing.

Personally, I love rain, but I don’t get much done on those days. Rainy days equal sleepy days for me. I don’t mind the thunder or even lightening. What I don’t like is when the storms affect the electricity. We are out in the boondocks and so electricity fails during a storm more times than  not. .Sometimes, it’s not so bad, but sometimes, one can sit in the dark for hours. Guess what I do when that happens? Yup! I sleep.

Signs you may want to go on to bed when there is no electricity-

* no tv, radio or anything else that might take your mind off the lack of electricity

*no internet

*can’t see an inch in front of you

*it’s scary


Yes, and I’m sure  you could make your own lists.

Times, though have changed. My husband said to call him if the electricity went out…I had to think a minute before I remembered we don’t have a landline that would be affected by the lack of electricity. This rain needs to slow down, my mind has turned to mush!

If it is raining in your area, remember if you can’t see the bottom of the puddle in the road, turn around, don’t drown!


our road
our road
after the storm the other night.
after the storm the other night.

The Thing About Weekends

Miranda Hart-a brilliant actress.
Miranda Hart-a brilliant actress.

I love the weekends. We’ve long made it a point to watch many of the British Comedies (or “Brit Coms” much to my husband’s chagrin) every weekend. I’d wondered where many of them had gone since I wasn’t seeing them on late night since the last membership drive on Channel 13, the public tv station (KERA-TV). Happily, I found “Keeping up Appearances ” during the evening tonight. We have watched this show for so long now, I have gone from loving it to hating it and back to loving it again! It’s been on that long. My husband loves to compare me to Hyacinth. As if!

Well, one of my favorites is the show Miranda, with Miranda Hart. She talks to the camera all during the show.Not soley, mind you, rather during the skit, she will look at the camera and say something that is generally very funny. The premise, if you have never watched it is she is a single girl who doesn’t mind being single, but she has a crush on the chef at the nearby eatery. They are good friends and she always says the wrong thing and then things are flipflopped everywhere! It is quite funny in that British humour kind of way.

Doc Martin is a good show, but I think it’s on hiatus just now or maybe Kera didn’t pick it up for this season. At any rate, this show features Doctor Martin, the island doctor who becomes very quesy at the sight of blood. He wants his practice just so, but the residents of the village do not comply readily . It is more of a drama as is Call the Midwife, a show featuring a company of midwives and nuns who take care of the women of the town and helping them birth their babies. Full of drama, humour and babies, it’s an excellent show.

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Downtown Abbey. It is on hiatus at the moment, but it makes wintertime for me , well, not so bad. It’s a good thing to curl up with a blanket and my husband and watch this nighttime soap and that is what it is. A soap.

So, with all these British Comedies, who wouldn’t have a good weekend? Try tuning one or two in , see what you think. It’s jolly good fun!

Hyacinth Bucket "No, it's Bouquet."
Hyacinth Bucket “No, it’s Bouquet.”


An Interesting Week on the Jury

I have been so quiet lately because I’ve been so very busy these past couple of weeks. First, I had a book signing at Half Price Books in Rockwall, which went very well and the folks at Half Price Books treated me like a star or something. Many thanks to those who came out to see me. I had so much fun . One thing that was really cool was that a guy I played violin with in Junior High and High School Orchestra came out to see me! Thanks Steve, for doing that. It was so amazing to see him and he hasn’t changed a bit in the past 40 years! He looks just like he always did. Me? Well, I’ve changed quite a bit. For one thing, I was such a skinny little girl and teenager… really until I started taking meds for bipolar disorder. Now, I’m not… well, not so thin these days. But, I feel better! Anyway, I digress.

I got this jury summons about a month ago for this past week. I’ve never served on a jury and thought it might be interesting to serve on it. Well, I showed up Monday at 8:00, along with about 49 other people. I met five new friends who seemed like old friends after it was all over. Three of us got picked. The case started and although I can’t talk about it, suffice it to say it’s not as interesting as a murder case, but it is a bit interesting… in places. Usually , the afternoons are the best!  Can’t say anymore about it, but I’ll revisit this subject another day.

I am stoked to say that my good friend, Jackie Smith, is reading my new book , The Conservative Congregant. It is not finished yet, but she is helping me with it and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m excited to say she likes it!!! I’ll tell you more about it as time goes on, but I’m hoping to get it out in September. I’m super excited about it and hope you are, too.

Well, that’s all for now! Talk soon and have a safe Memorial Day weekend!xoxox

Mothers and Daughters

I was the black sheep of the family. No, I was! If my mother said yes, I said no-if she said go, I said stop. I was strong willed, sometimes hateful, sometimes loving. To me, my mother was everything, but admitting that, especially in my teenage years was like pulling teeth. I’d sooner cut off

My Mother during a trip to the Holy Land
My Mother during a trip to the Holy Land

my nose to spite my face than do what I was told.

But, a mother-daughter relationship is a difficult thing at times. Even in the early years of a girls life, there is competition for the affection of the dad. A young girl sees her mom as competition, just like a young boy sees his dad as competition. But, that is a normal and essential part of growing up.

Although I loved my mom, there were times I told her I hated her. How those words must have cut her like a knife. I never meant it, but if she hurt me, I wanted to hurt her back.

It wasn’t until I had kids when I decided my mother knew just about everything there was to know about raising them. No, I didn’t necessarily want to raise mine as she did, but there were some aspects of what she taught my sisters and I that I wanted to keep, some I didn’t. She wasn’t always supportive of the things I let my kids do-for example,I let Micah grow his hair as long as he wanted to when he was 9. He had the most beautiful blonde hair that flowed to his mid-back. My mother, being a hairdresser, thought that was a bit much. I had my reasons for letting him control his hair. She didn’t understand them. That’s okay. We lived through it.

I did  a lot of things she didn’t understand and she did things I didn’t get at all. But, she was my mother. It was okay for me to badmouth her at times, but nobody else better try.

Mother’s Days were always special for me because she was special. She was funny, full of life, loved to laugh , always worried. She worked hard for her family to give us whatever we wanted or needed. She took extraordinary care of my dad who suffered through his own ordeals. She was by his side when he died. Even with all his troubles, she loved him more than anything -except maybe his children.

My  mother is no longer on this earth , but she is still is still with me. Sometimes when I laugh, I hear hers, sometimes when I say something, it’s her voice I hear-it’s her words coming out of my mouth. I smile  to myself each time it happens. I am so happy she is with me in this way.

My mother told me when her mom passed away, she called for her mother. My mother called for her mother too. I will call for my mother to guide me Home,too because a mother is a the closest thing to an angel  there is.

I love you Mother. Happy Mother’s day!

My First Authorfest

Ms. Jacqueline E. Smith
Ms. Jacqueline E. Smith

SoSI have been waiting, despite my excitement , to write about my first Authorfest, which was held in Denison, Texas and put together by James Peercy and his wife, Claudette.

This was a Friday through Saturday afternoon event in which authors have a chance to show off their books, read to a group of folks and generally get out and about among other people.  I just reread that sentence. It makes it sound like authors hole up somewhere with their computers in the dark, writing away! Well, I digress a bit.

The part that was most fun was seeing everyone dressed up as a character in their book. Because my wonderful illustrator imagined me with pink hair, it was for this event! I’ve had a lot of compliments, comments and stares with it. I must admit I like it!

I’ve been trying to sort out what Authorfest was for me. It was a venue to sell books, of course, but, I think , for me, it was a lot more. It was a chance to hang out with other authors and since I’m the newbie, that’s kind of important. I wanted to make a point of watching more than talking and learning more than anything. That, I did. I learned what to do, different ways to do it and things I won’t be doing.

I was and am very honored to have been included with this particular group of writers- Jacqueline E. Smith, Amber Jerome- Norregard, Alan Martin, Debbie Reece, K.A.DaVur, Natalie Clountz Bauman, John M. Moody and others. It is not very easy to be the newbie, the beginner- but this group of people made it easier for me. I appreciated all the advice and the teaching.

Many thanks to James and Claudette Peercy for everything and especially for including me at the last minute. I am looking forward to  next year’s event with more books and  the utilization of ideas I came away with!

Before I sign off, I’ll shar some photos with you.

Me and my character! Pink hair rocks!
Me and my character! Pink hair rocks!
James Peercy, courtesy of Tim Malek
James Peercy, courtesy of Tim Malek
Jack learns to Grill setup
Jack learns to Grill setup