My First Authorfest

Ms. Jacqueline E. Smith
Ms. Jacqueline E. Smith

SoSI have been waiting, despite my excitement , to write about my first Authorfest, which was held in Denison, Texas and put together by James Peercy and his wife, Claudette.

This was a Friday through Saturday afternoon event in which authors have a chance to show off their books, read to a group of folks and generally get out and about among other people.  I just reread that sentence. It makes it sound like authors hole up somewhere with their computers in the dark, writing away! Well, I digress a bit.

The part that was most fun was seeing everyone dressed up as a character in their book. Because my wonderful illustrator imagined me with pink hair, it was for this event! I’ve had a lot of compliments, comments and stares with it. I must admit I like it!

I’ve been trying to sort out what Authorfest was for me. It was a venue to sell books, of course, but, I think , for me, it was a lot more. It was a chance to hang out with other authors and since I’m the newbie, that’s kind of important. I wanted to make a point of watching more than talking and learning more than anything. That, I did. I learned what to do, different ways to do it and things I won’t be doing.

I was and am very honored to have been included with this particular group of writers- Jacqueline E. Smith, Amber Jerome- Norregard, Alan Martin, Debbie Reece, K.A.DaVur, Natalie Clountz Bauman, John M. Moody and others. It is not very easy to be the newbie, the beginner- but this group of people made it easier for me. I appreciated all the advice and the teaching.

Many thanks to James and Claudette Peercy for everything and especially for including me at the last minute. I am looking forward to  next year’s event with more books and  the utilization of ideas I came away with!

Before I sign off, I’ll shar some photos with you.

Me and my character! Pink hair rocks!
Me and my character! Pink hair rocks!
James Peercy, courtesy of Tim Malek
James Peercy, courtesy of Tim Malek
Jack learns to Grill setup
Jack learns to Grill setup

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