The Thing About Weekends

Miranda Hart-a brilliant actress.
Miranda Hart-a brilliant actress.

I love the weekends. We’ve long made it a point to watch many of the British Comedies (or “Brit Coms” much to my husband’s chagrin) every weekend. I’d wondered where many of them had gone since I wasn’t seeing them on late night since the last membership drive on Channel 13, the public tv station (KERA-TV). Happily, I found “Keeping up Appearances ” during the evening tonight. We have watched this show for so long now, I have gone from loving it to hating it and back to loving it again! It’s been on that long. My husband loves to compare me to Hyacinth. As if!

Well, one of my favorites is the show Miranda, with Miranda Hart. She talks to the camera all during the show.Not soley, mind you, rather during the skit, she will look at the camera and say something that is generally very funny. The premise, if you have never watched it is she is a single girl who doesn’t mind being single, but she has a crush on the chef at the nearby eatery. They are good friends and she always says the wrong thing and then things are flipflopped everywhere! It is quite funny in that British humour kind of way.

Doc Martin is a good show, but I think it’s on hiatus just now or maybe Kera didn’t pick it up for this season. At any rate, this show features Doctor Martin, the island doctor who becomes very quesy at the sight of blood. He wants his practice just so, but the residents of the village do not comply readily . It is more of a drama as is Call the Midwife, a show featuring a company of midwives and nuns who take care of the women of the town and helping them birth their babies. Full of drama, humour and babies, it’s an excellent show.

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Downtown Abbey. It is on hiatus at the moment, but it makes wintertime for me , well, not so bad. It’s a good thing to curl up with a blanket and my husband and watch this nighttime soap and that is what it is. A soap.

So, with all these British Comedies, who wouldn’t have a good weekend? Try tuning one or two in , see what you think. It’s jolly good fun!

Hyacinth Bucket "No, it's Bouquet."
Hyacinth Bucket “No, it’s Bouquet.”


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