The Detective Bill Ross Crime Series

I have just finished reading The End of Summer: Book One in The Detective Bill Ross Crime Series by Irving Munro.

Bill Ross is  detective right out of Scotland Yard. When he retires, he moved to Austin, Texas. My own husband is Scottish and that is one reason I  wanted to read this book. Another reason was because, for a time, I lived in Granger, Texas , which is a few miles from Austin. It was fun reading about places I’d been and how they figured into this story.

The first page grabbed my imagination and ran with it. I could picture the crime scene, the old detective-made-cold-case examiner , along with his son, Tommy, also a detective and his sidekick, Marie.

The cold case they worked on turned into a much bigger case and it was interesting to read how they came by their suspicions and worked out the case.

This is a really good book and it is in the Kindle Store . If you like good mysteries, you’ll like this book. The best part is this is one in a series. The author, Irving Munro, happened to put a teaser for the next book  at the end of this one. Great idea and a great mini-read! Thanks Irving! I’m waiting for the next one!

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