A Bit of a Block, if You Please

My writing computer (yes, I have one specifically for writing), has been in the shop and it feels like it’s been gone forever. I’ve got an Asus little  black computer3953761_sa

and a  shiny, silver Chromebook.


I love my Chromebook for surfing the internet and doing quick things, ,but i love my Asus for writing,in particular because, well, it has Microsoft Word on it and although I have it installed on my Chromebook, it’s just not the same. It always wants to store my documents as gdocs.  It is difficult for anyone -at least anyone I’ve known to open these gdocs. So, anyway, my Asus has been in the shop for over a week now, and it seems like forever since I’ve written anything of substance. One would think it wouldn’t matter what computer I wrote on, just as long as I had one to use. But, I’ve gotten rather attached to the ease of Microsoft 8.1. I know! I never thought I’d admit to liking it, but I do. I have heard authors are quite quirky folks, and now I believe it!

I’ve tried to write since the computer has been in the shop,mind you, I’ve only  had it three months and it quit charging. I had to actually have it plugged in in order for it to work. It was maddening. Especially since I took it to a meeting about my books, “The Conservative Congregant”  and to find out how to use the children’s book creator by Kindle. I want to put “Jack Learns to Grill ” on Kindle for kids. I think it would be cool for a kid to have my book on his or her kindle and can just read it when they got tired of playing games or whatever. Anyway, Kindle doesn’t really have a support line where you can call -at least that I can find and it’s not the easiest application to use. For me, anyway.

So, my computer was supposed to be delivered by Fed Ex yesterday , and of course, it was not. So, I’m truly hoping it will be here tomorrow.  Somehow , my fingers fly over those keys, yet they are stuck on my Chromebook.

I guess I’ve whined enough about missing my computer. But, just for effect, let me just reiterate the fact that I will be so glad when it comes back to me! Thanks for reading my little ramble!

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