Healing and Love and Parakeets

I am so excited for your new friends and their new home! I know they’ll be happy there

A Platform of Sorts

Hi, friends!

Well.  It’s happened!  I finally have my parakeets!  My sister, best friend, and I woke up bright and early to venture over to the pet store.  I picked out two males: a turquoise and a white.  They’re beautiful, spunky, and full of personality.  Petrie, the turquoise one, is more assertive and I think he wants to fight me, but he’s actually quite cute.  Budgie, the white one is a little shy, but he is SO sweet.  I hope they like their new home.  I think they’re still getting used to the environment, but Petrie has felt comfortable enough to preen and to eat some of the apple I gave them, so I think we’re off to a pretty good start!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.23.33 PM11822785_10155862458415015_1444584428984690332_n11760286_10155862457820015_5667521716204311352_n11751448_10155862458380015_8972012343189642626_n

These last three images are pictures that my friend, Kathleen Farmer, took.  The metal cage at the bottom has since been removed since it was hard for the parakeets to walk.

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