Plain Talk or No High Falootin’ Words, please!

It all started back when I was a little girl. Our family was on the way to Florida to go to my cousin, Laurie’s wedding. I was to be the candlelighter at her wedding and since it was in Florida, we would also visit the Disney theme park- World or Land, I don’t remember which. We stopped to eat and there was a couple at another table. A friend of theirs happened along, and upon seeing them, she said, in a rather sing song kind of voice, “Well, hello! May we join you? Have you et yet?” OOOOwhhhowhoowhoo.

I was just a kid, but it was such a bizarre interchange. I’d never heard the word “et” and thought it was the funniest word ever. I have made fun of that day ever since. And it got me to thinking about how people talk.

Communicating should be an easy, natural flow of words. But, when  I got a phone call from a guy asking if I wanted to go to the zoo, I hurriedly said yes. Then came the high falootin’ stuff. “Shall we say casual attire?”  I hesitated and said sure. I hung up the phone and began laughing hard. My mother asked me what was so funny and in a funny, pretend rich voice, I said, “Mother, he said, ‘shall we say casual attire.:” I looked at her and said, “Why don’t we just say , ‘wanna.  wear shorts?”‘

I love to write and God knows I love to talk, but I’m just a plain spoken girl. Even in my books, I don’t use high falootin’ words . That’s what my dad would have called it. So, when you talk, speak plainly so the folks down on planet Earth can understand you. There is no need for big words to get your point across. Be yourself and talk like it.

This has been a public service announcement.The-English-Rebellion-Long-Words

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