It’s My Party !

I am the baby of my family, so it only makes since that when my birthday comes along, I should celebrate the whole week. After all, that’s what I did as a kid. I announced it was my birthday week on the Sunday. I still do. I like to make the whole week special. I might not do anything different than I do any other day, but the difference is inside. Have you ever wondered what that feeling inside was long about the time of your birthday? It’s you! It’s that excited feeling you get at Christmas even though you are 58 years old, the excitement you feel when it’s finally fall, the excitement you feel when it is your own birthday or even the excitement when you have planned a surprise for someone else and you can’t wait to give it to them. And it’s the excitement you feel when your book is being released. Impervious excitement. Unbridled excitement. Going to the fair excitement. Six Flags excitement.

I know people moan and groan when their birthday rolls around. But,  I really think deep down inside we all feel that excitement. I don’t think birthday excitement will ever wane for me- not even if I live to be 100!

So, please excuse my excitement. Birthdays have always been special and it will always be so. Oh, and when is the actual day? Why thank you for asking. I’ll just put it here, so you won’t forget!


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