Searching for the Perfect One

Shortly after Thanksgiving, my mother, daddy, sister and I would pile into the car in search of the perfect Christmas tree. It was a really big deal for us kids. We were so excited after  begging to go tree shopping. It never really seems like Christmas until you have the tree and are in the midst of decorating it.

My mother  loved flocked Christmas trees. My dad didn’t much care, I don’t think, just as long as it was fairly even on each side and didn’t have huge holes in them or anything like that. We went to nurseries, Christmas tree lots, Tom Thumb- wherever there might be a tree sale.

My parents also owned two beauty salons and they had to get trees for them as well. I’ll never forget. They bought aluminum trees for the shops. A white one for the Orchid and I believe a silver one for the Pandora. They also bought these little circular color wheels that rotated blue, red, green and yellow. The yellow made the tree look golden and it was the most beautiful thing ever. I loved watching that little color wheel spin. It was a slow spin and it was very pretty. Sometimes,  the tree would be part blue and part red or part gold and part green. It was just breathtaking. Any little girl who loved color would love watching the tree turn the different colors.

But, at home, it was usually a flocked tree. I liked the flocking. It reminded me of what the North Pole must have looked like with all it’s snowy, reaching trees.

Now that my husband and I are older, the tree is not so important. Most years, we get a small tree since our kids are grown and on their own.

Christmas has changed for us too. It’s not about all the toys and presents and things. For us, it is more about the celebration of the Christ child and the love within our family .  I love Christmas, still though. It’s the best holiday of the year!