Stuff Around the House

It’s that time of year at our house. The time of year when everything we own begins to fall apart. Yep. When it’s that time , there is no winning against home products. I have to admit this time has lasted a lot longer than previous eras.

Okay, so one day when everyone (read the whole world) was at my house, the Keurig coffee pot decided to quit making coffee. I have one of those small ones, red, if you please, not the full size Keurig. Our full size Keurig lasted about three years ,which is a record for me and a coffee pot. But, this little red Keurig I bought that day lasted only a couple of months. I would put the water and the coffee in the pot, turn on brew and nothing. I’d try again and it would brew. The next time, nothing, then, brew. This went on and on until I finally got an old fashioned (which not so long ago was the standard pot) coffee maker. Oh my! I was so spoiled by the Keurig. Perfect coffee everytime. Standard pot? Not so much. Either it was too strong (my husband loves strong coffee) or it wasn’t strong enough.  How did I ever survive with a Mr. Coffee pot? The world will never know, I’m afraid. At any rate, my Keurig finally just gave up the ghost. Or so I thought.

As I was preparing to write this  blog, I was looking for images of things that had broken around our house. I wanted this to be a pretty visual blog entry so everyone would know the chaos that has ensued at our house. What I found was a photo of a broken Keurig with someone sticking a paper clip in the orifice. I brought up the photo and there was, lo and  behold, an article about Keurigs you thought were dead. I read the article in hopes of reviving my poor little Keurig (and me). According to the article, I was to put said paper clip in the orifices and turn it round and round, thus dislodging any bits of coffee, debris, minerals from water, etc from the orifice. Then, I was to descale it with vinegar and water. I was somewhat sure nothing would help poor old Mr. Keurig, but to my surprise, when I put the water and vinegar in, it started  boiling the water straightaway. Previously, this step was skipped in the brewing process, and so no brewing took place. But, I had brewing going! Still skeptical, I let it brew with the water and vinegar, turned it off, poured out the vinegar water from the cup, filled up the Keurig and did it again. IT WORKED! But, I was still not convinced and ran it two more times before trying to brew a cup of coffee. The coffee was made and it was the perfect cup. Mind you, I’m still a bit skeptical that it is well and truly fixed. But, we’ll see with time.

So, my original blog post will stay in my head, but if you have a Keurig and you think it may be broken, get a paper clip, stick it in the orifice that punctures the coffee container, wash everything you can wash, use half water, half vinegar and wash that thing out!  For those who already knew that, no “i told you so’s please. I already feel kinda dumb that I didn’t know to do that, and kinda smart because I fixed it! I’m so excited.

Note to my husband: Honey, you make the best coffee when you know it’s for me, but when it’s for you, it’s just tooo strong for me. But, I love you!



2016, A Busy Year Already

You may wonder if I have been in hiding, quit writing altogether or what. Well, it’s neither. I have been so busy this year already.

It all started with bronchitis. My husband and I both came down with it around Christmastime. Although we are both still coughing and easily tired, it seems to have passed, for the most part. Then, I found out I had mono. Mono of all things! I remember kids getting that in high school and the adults shaking their heads at the diagnosis knowing that said kid had been engaging in some heavy petting. No, I didn’t engage in anything untoward. Just found myself sleeping like crazy and happened to ask the doctor about it when I went. Mono. Who knew?

I have also had a book signing at the Flagship Half Price Books in Dallas. That’s a great place for a book signing and it was an amazing day.

Then, there is the sequel to The Conservative Congregant I’ve been working on. It has some detail in it that required some research, which was done and written about.

I also have a day  job in which I take care of an elderly lady. I have increased my job load by one and have two days where I work most of the day now. Because I’m not used to it yet, I’m really tired when I get home.

So, all this already this year. I’m very excited about the new book, which does not have a working title other than The Conservative Congregant Book 2. I can’t wait to see what the title turns out to be. Right now, your guess is as good as mine. Although I have not set a date for the release of Book 2, I will soon. There is still much work on it to be done.  I hope if you have not yet read The Conservative Congregant, you will do so soon so you can move with me to Book 2. It’s going to be great!


Beyond Words

I am hardly ever at a loss for words. I’m a natural talker and words are always my best friends. But, last night, my friend, Kim, sent me this photo her daughter took of the marquis of Half Price Books Flagship store in Dallas. It’s me! On the marquis! I was so surprised. I have a book signing for The Conservative Congregant this coming Sunday, so the store was advertising it.

I was so shocked! Needless to say, I’ve never had my name on a billboard, marquis or anything other than the role at school. So, I wanted to share this with you . I don’t want to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty cool!




Which leads me to talk a little bit about marketing books. I’m trying to learn how to do this as Independent authors do not have the luxury of a publicist or marketing director. So, I thought, “What better way to advertise than to use my husband.” It was brilliant when I saw the advertisement for the shirt. I had to buy it. It was his Christmas present this year. He laughed when he saw it and said, “It’s really all about you, isn’t it?” Well, maybe  not all the time, but it’s fun when it is. Enjoy his promo ad for me.


Resolving Not to Resolve

The new year always begs the question, “Are you making any resolutions this year?” While I am sure I could resolve to do something better, something more, something different, I choose not to.  I’m not trying to be a fuddy duddy or anything like that. I just haven’t made resolutions for a few years now because I don’t want to promise to do something better, or more, or different and then disappoint myself when it doesn’t come to pass.

I mean, for me, to announce a resolution and not follow through is, well, not the end of the world as we know it, rather, a disappointment to myself. It may even be a bit of an embarrassment should I not follow through.

Once a friend told me “promises are made to be broken.” But, I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to make a promise or have a promise made to me only to have it broken. No.  Instead, I prefer to ring in the new year in a quiet way- at home, in front of the television, rocking out with Ryan Seacrest and the guys on the New Year Special.

I hope you are ringing in the new year in a way that suits you and if you should make a resolution, I’d love to hear about it. I wish you all the very best in the coming new year.