2016, A Busy Year Already

You may wonder if I have been in hiding, quit writing altogether or what. Well, it’s neither. I have been so busy this year already.

It all started with bronchitis. My husband and I both came down with it around Christmastime. Although we are both still coughing and easily tired, it seems to have passed, for the most part. Then, I found out I had mono. Mono of all things! I remember kids getting that in high school and the adults shaking their heads at the diagnosis knowing that said kid had been engaging in some heavy petting. No, I didn’t engage in anything untoward. Just found myself sleeping like crazy and happened to ask the doctor about it when I went. Mono. Who knew?

I have also had a book signing at the Flagship Half Price Books in Dallas. That’s a great place for a book signing and it was an amazing day.

Then, there is the sequel to The Conservative Congregant I’ve been working on. It has some detail in it that required some research, which was done and written about.

I also have a day  job in which I take care of an elderly lady. I have increased my job load by one and have two days where I work most of the day now. Because I’m not used to it yet, I’m really tired when I get home.

So, all this already this year. I’m very excited about the new book, which does not have a working title other than The Conservative Congregant Book 2. I can’t wait to see what the title turns out to be. Right now, your guess is as good as mine. Although I have not set a date for the release of Book 2, I will soon. There is still much work on it to be done.  I hope if you have not yet read The Conservative Congregant, you will do so soon so you can move with me to Book 2. It’s going to be great!


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