my sentiments exactly.

Between the Beats

I’ve tried hard to stay away from blogs about the current presidential races, especially the debates. To say we have become an embarrassment on the international stage is a gross understatement. People in other countries now tune in to the debates; particularly the Republican debates, rather than watch reality television. When did our political system degenerate into a name calling free for all?

kennedy nixon Kennedy-Nixon Debates

I remember the first televised debates between then Senator John Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon. They debated issues. At least that’s how I remember it. Of course I was less than ten years old at the time. But I think I would remember if Kennedy called Nixon shifty or commented on his debate sweating. I don’t think Nixon said anything about Kennedy’s father being a rum runner or being friends with organized crime members.

nasty debate trump Donald Trump

Over the past few races things…

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