50 First Dates?

Once upon a time, back in 2007, I had  five grand mal seizures in the course of one weekend. Almost one after another. Well, after I got out of the hospital, I slept for a week, asking my husband each time I woke up what had happened. He was kind enough to answer me each and every time, only admitting later it was like the movie “50 First Dates.” Sometime after I’d had the seizures, changed my meds, lost some of my memory, it was suspected I had a mini-stroke. No proof, mind you, except the shape of my smile changed and was now ever the slightest bit crooked. Too much time had transpired between the time the incident allegedly occurred and the testing process.



It was an odd thing because I lost some of my short term memory and many words. Someone told me about the website Lumosity.This is the most amazing website and it is totally useful. It is a website of games; neurological games. Logic, speed, etc. I worked on this website for about a year and a good deal of my words came  back as did some of my memories .I worked on the site until my brain was just tired.But, it was not all work, it was fun too. I enjoyed it immensely. Soon, I was able to function almost normally.  The one thing that has changed in me is that once I was able to multitask, remembering appointments, phone numbers, things like that and now, it is more difficult. Of course, it could be that I am older, but these two incidents so impacted my life that I tend to think it was more it than age.

I have been going to occupational therapy for tennis elbow when my therapist told me I could take speech therapy for my thinking as well. So, I am doing so. I do not need too many sessions of speech therapy, but I have taken enough to learn if I do certain things, I can be spared the embarrassment of missing appointments and other memory  related things. I realize this is going to sound a bit elementary, but when one is used to being able to remember stuff so well, it is difficult to think tools need to be used to keep one up to date . My challenge, then, is to remember to add my appointments and phone numbers and any other important things I want to remember into my phone right then and there. See? I told you it sounds elementary, but my mind thinks this way: “They gave me a business card with the appointment on it and I’ll add it to my calendar when I get home.” However well meaning I may be, the appointment never ends up on the calendar, the  card is misplaced and I’m at a loss. If this ever happens to you, try putting it in your calendar before you leave the dr’s office or wherever you may be. I’ve remembered to do it twice today and am fixing to add a couple of more dates to my calendar. If you never had to do it, it’s kind of difficult to learn. I suspect that one reason might be that it makes me, at least, feel as if I am losing my ability to remember. No matter what the cause, I don’t like it and I don’t want to feel as if I need the help. But, I do.

If you have memory issues, it’s easy to make light of it, but make sure and be tested so that you know what the cause is. Check out Lumosity, work puzzles, crosswords, logic puzzles, anything like that will help your memory. And, if you have trouble with your appointments as I do, go ahead and use that calendar. It will remind you and the stress will be less.


One thought on “50 First Dates?

  1. I’ve learned to deal with memory loss. After my first back surgery and a week or so on morphine before getting the surgery I never regained the quick memory I had before and the decline in my short-term memory was noticeable to me. My family have gotten used to it and are quite helpful when I misplace things like my phone or glasses or keys etc… I use my phone a lot to keep information in it and I have a an appointment calendar I try ever so hard to at least keep track of my promised obligations for reading, reviewing and such. I can so relate to this post. Thank you!

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