Authorfest 2016


I am excited to announce I will be involved in Authorfest  this year . This will be the second year I will have participated. The event is located in Denison, Texas on their Main St. Friday night will boast dinner and author readings at the Paper Plate Catering Center located at  205 West Main. Authors will read from their books and it is always interesting and fun. I have not been to this restaurant before, but if it is anything like last year’s choice, it will be a night to remember.

The next day, the authors will have book booths along different places on Main St.  and will be able to sell and  autograph their books for you. Saturday afternoon will bring another author reading for the people of the city and the Bark and Paw event.

It should be noted that portions of the sales of the books will benefit the Denison Animal Welfare Group (DAWG). This group has been rated as one of 2015 Top Rated Nonprofit groups. Because  Denison does not have an animal shelter, this group of volunteers has dedicated themselves to finding homes and rehabilitation and rescue of animals. They do not receive funding from any state or local government and rely solely on donations, neither do they have a paid staff. This is such a worthy cause and I hope many books are sold to help support them.

I hope many folks come out and see what Authorfest is all about. Oh , and did I mention it is also free comic book day? It is! You can get free comic books (I still love those things) and get some books too!  Thank you to James and Claudette Peercy for overseeing this yearly venture! Ya’ll rock! See ya there!

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