And Time Stood Still

I am very excited because my new book, And Time Stood Still will be coming out in June or early July. I cannot wait! It is the sequel to The Conservative Congregant . The Conservative Congregant is about a lady who is a stuffy Christian, never wanting to change or come out of her comfort zone. She  actually takes the plunge into the unknown- the homeless community. She attends a church for the unhoused and makes a meal for them. It chronicles the changes that take place within her as she steps from her stuffy world into a new and unchartered territory. Because she, for whatever reason, takes that leap, once the meal has taken place, a huge blessing is awaiting her.

And Time Stood Still  is part of the rest of the story. There will be one more book (so far) and maybe one after that. I believe that the sequel is interesting and a bit surprising.

I have had so much fun writing these two books and I can’t wait until they are out together. I have to finish the edits and then I’ll have it read over one more time to fix anything that may have been missed and then it will be yours!

So, be looking for And Time Stood Still to come out soon!

Retirement Volunteering, Helping the Indie Author Community

I wanted to give my readers a chance to check out Grandma Peachy’s blog and make them aware of this indie author blog tour. Good stuff!


Grandma Peachy profile 1Many people find that upon retirement they need something to do and end up doing volunteer work to occupy their time. I am not a joiner and seldom participate in any kind of social event in my community. Staying at home is the most wonderful thing in the world to me. In my lifetime I’ve spent so many days away from home for long extended periods of time. Not anymore, the hermit life is more my style. Of course when home is a multi-generational household with grandparents, parents and grandkids, well it isn’t a typical hermit-like life. Still, I wanted something to do and with my resident author daughter going the route of self publishing as an indie author I found the indie author community. These authors need all the support they can get because self publishing is slow at garnering a large following of readers. So many readers in the…

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We have a dog who can climb the fence. Seriously, a chain link fence! So, last night, my husband and I began working on a new fence for her. As we worked, sharing the drill and putting these little clamp thingies to connect the fencing, I found myself occasionally getting frustrated with my husband’s directions. Sometimes, he just was not clear enough for me to understand what he wanted me to do.

As I stood holding the fencing close enough for him to put those little clamps on them, I began thinking it is kinda like dealing with God. I can only speak for myself, but you know, there are times that God wants to tell me something or lead me to something and I get frustrated because I can’t understand what He is telling me. Sometimes, He just doesn’t seem clear enough to me. Does that ever happen to you? I want to put a trumpet up to my ear and say, “Eh? What’dya say?”


So, while  my husband was giving  me instructions, I decided I’d just be still and try to listen harder to what he was trying to explain to me. To my surprise, I didn’t get mad, huff and puff at his direction or stomp off and say, “You do it, I have no idea what you are talking about.” I did, however, tell him I had no idea what he was saying, so could he explain it to me in a way I could understand. (Mind you, I’m not too handy with tools and building things and such as that). And he did. When I was able to understand, I was able to follow his direction.

And so it is with God. Instead of huffing and puffing, shaking a fist at Him, yelling all the while, I think I’ll try to just be still. I think I’ll try calmly telling Him I don’t understand what He wants me to do and could He tell me in a way that I would have no problem knowing exactly what He means. It helps to calm in any situation to avoid “brain junk.” You know  “brain junk”. It’s the stuff that jumbles up your thinking. So, next time I hear God knocking, I’ll calm my mind and let Him do the talking. I’ll  just sit and do the listening. In that way, I know I’ll be able to follow His direction.

Books, Dance and Weddings

These past few weekends have been really busy ones for me. Last weekend, I was attending Authorfest up in Denison, Texas. It was so much fun and was a two day event. Friday, there was dinner and readings from the participating authors and Saturday, there were book signings , Bark and Paws events and even a parade. After the main event Saturday, there were more readings from the authors.

When I got home from church, Sunday, my kids came over, along with my grand daughter. This is an every week occurrence that we love. It gives us time to catch up with what is going on in our kids’ lives and time to play with Miss Doodle. She loves to play school and of course, being the kid, she has to be the teacher. She is quite strict and we get sent to time out if our participation is less than stellar. At any rate, there is a lot of giggling, eating, laughing and loving all meshed together in these little visits.

This weekend, Saturday boasted Doodle’s first dance recital. Her little class danced ballet to “A Spoonful of Sugar” of Mary Poppins fame. All were cute, but , I have to tell you , being the doting  nana, our little Doodle was the best and the cutest! When I was dancing in recitals, we danced and went home, glowing because we had made our mommies and daddies proud, but these kids, well, they get flowers for their performances . So, the glow is only secondary to the big people flowers they get for dancing their little hearts out.

Sunday, my husband, Stephen and I drove up to Pottsboro, Texas to Camp All Saints, the camp we perform “labor of love” weekends (getting ready for the children who come to the camp during the summer) with our Church for the unhoused. Only, this week, we went for Jason and Tricia’s wedding. What a beautiful couple they made. Tricia in her yellow dress and wedgie shoes and Jason in his nice pants and suit coat. Their vows, tender and loving made me think back to my own wedding day. Talk about glowing- Tricia was the most beautiful bride. Jason is a lucky man to have her and she is a lucky woman to have Jason.

And the world keeps on turning.