And Time Stood Still

I am very excited because my new book, And Time Stood Still will be coming out in June or early July. I cannot wait! It is the sequel to The Conservative Congregant . The Conservative Congregant is about a lady who is a stuffy Christian, never wanting to change or come out of her comfort zone. She  actually takes the plunge into the unknown- the homeless community. She attends a church for the unhoused and makes a meal for them. It chronicles the changes that take place within her as she steps from her stuffy world into a new and unchartered territory. Because she, for whatever reason, takes that leap, once the meal has taken place, a huge blessing is awaiting her.

And Time Stood Still  is part of the rest of the story. There will be one more book (so far) and maybe one after that. I believe that the sequel is interesting and a bit surprising.

I have had so much fun writing these two books and I can’t wait until they are out together. I have to finish the edits and then I’ll have it read over one more time to fix anything that may have been missed and then it will be yours!

So, be looking for And Time Stood Still to come out soon!

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