Yards and Yards of Yarn

My friend, Grandmapeachy wrote on the ever growing fabriholism and I thought I’d follow suit. I had fabriholism at one time and still would, had I not found yarn. Yards and yards and miles of yarn!

First, I decided I wanted to learn how to sew. I made the dress I wore to my son’s wedding. But, because I’d had some health issues (I’d had five grand mal seizures in one weekend and lost some brain capabilities), I was rendered unable to reason how patterns went together and how to put them together. Suddenly, I could only do small sewing tasks. I had amassed a stash any novice would be proud of . Yards and yards of material, lace, buttons, zippers. Fat quarters, strips of fabric, leftover fabric- I was in a fool’s paradise! It was Grandmapeachy’s fabriholism at its finest. And then…

Crochet came along! Crochet! Oh my gosh! I learned single, double, triple crochet. I learned how to make granny squares, chains, and clusters among other things. I was introduced to the world of yarn. Sock yarn, chunky, blanket and fancy yarn. Yarn I didn’t even know how to crochet with! Am I a great crocheter? No. But, I can make a blanket, and I have made some other things. They are not perfect, but I don’t care. That’s what makes them extraordinary. What in the world, though, was I to do with all that yarn? I had totes and boxes, an art desk that was full of yarn. And then the thought struck me- I have a pegboard in my bedroom! Of course! I could take down all the mixed media I had collected from my artistic days and  box them up to give to my sister. I bought more pegs for the board  and hung my yarn on it. I was ecstatic! I still have yarn strewn from here to there while working on my projects.

I can truly say that I feel much better after reading my friends’ post. I realize I am not the only one afflicted with this hopeless condition. …or is it hopeful?

7 thoughts on “Yards and Yards of Yarn

  1. It is a common trait among any kind of artist! Be that fabric, yarn, beads, paints, coloring instruments, silk flowers, woodwork, etc… You name it the artist is a curator of special collections. Wonderful post!

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    1. yarnaholics anonymous is a fellowship of women who are plagued with this addiction who come together to help one another and help other yarnaholics to sobriety or saneness


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