I’ve been sitting on my couch, thinking about the year past and have come to the conclusion it was not such a bad year for our little family. There were many blessings, such as no major illnessess, no real mania or depression as is the norm in my  bipolar world. No seizures. One book published, one baby born. In other words, no disasters. Not even close. I can’t remember a year when just about everything was status quo.

I know for many, 2016 has been an awful year. Lots of celebrities have passed away. Of course, that is not the year’s fault. Just life, mostly. I think it is funny when people say, “Another celebrity gone. Dadgum 2016!”(or worse!). Like it’s the year’s fault. Nope! It’s just the way the world turns. I have good fun reading those on facebook. Anyway, I digress.

I have been trying to sort out a writing schedule and have ordered a planner in which to accomplish my goals for the coming year. I’m not really a planner person, but it is time to get to marketing my books and finding time to write daily. It’s a lot of work marketing books and trying to get sales as an independent writer.But, I am confident my books will speak for themselves and once I get a good marketing plan, I’ll be off like a hurdle of turtles.

I really am, for maybe the first time, looking forward to seeing what new adventures await me and the husband. Could it be possible we’ll have even more fun next year than we did best-happy-new-year-picturesthis year? We’ll see.

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers near and far! Be blessed in 2017!


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