A Favorite Scene

As the sun rises over the horizon, I am still in bed, sleepily hitting the snooze button time after time, until there is no more time to waste. My husband dutifully feeds the animals – dogs, chickens, donkeys and horses. He lets the inside dogs out and lets them roam in the backyard for a bit. After all, they have been sleeping too and need to get up and stretch their legs and play. He lets them in, and they all clamor to get in the door at the same time. Suddenly, there is a rush of dogs in the house and they beg their dad for their treats.

Meanwhile, the inside dogs are put up so he can feed the outside dogs and get ready to take his beloved Twig, and her daughter, Red for their morning walk. I walk through the house and by this time, Stephen has leashed Twig and started their morning walk. In the front of our house is a field in which he walks the two dogs. In the spring and summer, it is waving with green grass, but this time of year, the grass is brown and dying. Still, the dogs love to run and play in it. As I walk through the house, I stop to look out of the bay window. There, frolicking, are the two dogs and my husband. He watches the mother-daughter team play and I can see him talking to him, his arm gesturing with his words. Twig, leashed for her own good, is able to go a pretty good distance with the leash on and Red runs off , sniffing here and there. She might stop and look around and then runs to her mother , as if Twig was going off  without her. She is very much a momma’s girl and lives to be with her mom. My husband is patiently waiting for the two to play and run and wear themselves out.

This has to be my favorite thing to watch. My husband  has such patience during the walk and I know he enjoys it every bit as much as they do. He looks at his charges with loving looks and handles them with gentle leadership. It reminds me of how God must watch over us, His children. Yes, there are times Stephen must gently discipline the girls, as God disciplines us. The dogs run from Stephen only to come running back. Just like we do.

It is my favorite time of day and my favorite  thing to watch. What is your favorite thing to see each day? There must be something you love as much as I love this. I’d love to hear from you.


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