Arctic Cold Front in Texas

The funniest oxymoron I can think of is the one about the Arctic front coming to Texas. The reasons are many, but mostly because we don’t often have a winter to speak of. We might have a single “snowstorm” in a winter and those are usually in February. But, already this year, we’ve had two Arctic fronts and one snowfall. That happened yesterday.

I was at work yesterday when the flurries began. Yes, at first, it was so light and there was nothing for me to worry about. But, little by little, those beautiful, one of a kind snowflakes began to get bigger and bigger and heavier and heavier. I began to panic. Unlike most Texans, I will readily admit that I have no clue how to drive in the ice and snow. Just none! So, I began to panic with each passing minute until I almost reached a sheer anxiety attack. How was I to get home? Should I stay or should I go? I texted my husband, who thought I’d be okay to drive home safely and I talked to my clients who are from Wisconsin. I’m sure they thought my panic was ridiculous as seasoned as they are in driving in the snow and ice. Still, I rambled on and was served some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate cures everything and as the snow slightly slowed down, so did my panic attack.

This is not the climate for an Arctic front! It’s hot here, even unseasonably warm sometimes in the winter. So, when the temperatures hang around 21 degrees Farenheit or less, people begin to panic. It’s not just me. I used to work in a grocery store and everytime cold or the mere mention of snow was uttered, people would go to the grocery store and clean out the shelves. It was if they wouldn’t have anything on hand for just a day or two. No! They bought enough food, water and supplies for two weeks! It was amusing.

Funny how certain things bring on panic. For me, it’s the thought of driving in the snow. I just don’t know how and I’m not about to start now! So, now that the temperatures are going back up, I fondly bid the Arctic front adieu and hope not to see you back soon!

One thought on “Arctic Cold Front in Texas

  1. I live in the only part of Canada where where snow is a novelty, not the norm. Driving in it is complicated by a very hilly terrain, much of it quite steep. For some reason, vehicle have trouble on icy slopes, in either direction! I empathize with the anxiety that goes with driving in the snow. 🙃

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