Eloise Dowager, If You Please

Who is Eloise Dowager?  Eloise Dowager is the main character of my book , The Conservative Congregant.

But, who is she? What does she think? What does she believe? This short little interview with her might help you know her better.

Paula:  Hi Eloise. Nice to have you here, visiting my blog. I’ve wanted to have you as a guest for a long time now. Thank you for coming.

Eloise: Of course! I’m so glad I could be here with you.

Paula: Well, let’s get right down to it. Please tell the readers about yourself. Start with that day I met you at church.

Eloise: That day was a good day. But, I was at church only because I thought it was what I was supposed to do; you know, to be a good Christian. And I have always been a good Christian woman, but have been kind of bored with it  all. Until that day, that is.

Paula: What was so special about that day?

Eloise: That was the day that Father Don came and told us about The City of Hope, the church for the unhoused people.

Paula: Excuse me, what do you mean “unhoused”?

Eloise: Well, the thing is unhoused people are homeless people. They are homeless and on the streets, but at The City of Hope, no one is homeless. The City of Hope is their spiritual home.

Paula: Oh! I see. I love that.

Eloise: Yeah, so do I. That place, The City of Hope changed my life! I was so bored with traditional Christianity. Nothing challenged me anymore and I felt myself becoming stale, stagnant, like an old pond in the country. I made the meal for the unhoused folks of the City of Hope and suddenly, my life had some kind of new meaning. I had actually come out of my comfort zone and did something I would have never dared do. I had never seen a homeless person before, you know, except in magazines and newspapers. Never saw one in person and you know what? They are just like you and I, but they have no physical home. There are good people with no homes. People with feelings just like you or I, people who have needs just like I do, people who just need a step up; a little help- not necessarily money or anything, but with clothes, shoes, bus passes, getting doctor appointments, things like that.

Paula: I can see that it really means alot to you. In what way did you get involved with the church and how have you stayed involved?

Eloise: Well, a couple of friends and I made the meal for the people one Sunday. See, they have a sermon and then afterward, they have lunch. Each week, different parishes make the lunch for the people and I offered to make the lunch for them one Sunday. It changed my life. Truly. I gave of myself; moved out of my comfort zone to help other people and I have been changed and I found something that I could never have dreamt of. Oops! That’s all I can say about it now. I must be going. Thanks for the interview!

Paula: Okay! Well, that was Eloise Dowager. Clicking the link above will guide you to my author page where you can buy the book  and find out the rest of the story! Thanks for stopping by and meeting Eloise! TaTa


It’s Been a While

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Well, almost anything. I’ve been stuck with writer’s block for a bit now and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is. I have things I want to say, things I want to write, but when I go for it, it’s not there. I hate it when my creativity just stops like that. It used to be because of the medication I was on for bipolar. Those meds flatten me out so badly sometimes, that the creativity slithers through the cracks in the walls… or someplace. But, now, I’m just not sure where it’s gone.

I am trying to write my third book in The Conservative Congregant series and the words are just not coming. Many the time has been when I write that my fingers fly on the keyboard  and I’m always surprised at what comes out. But, it hasn’t been happening lately. I’ve been trying to do writing exercises, and all sorts of writing prompts, but there has been nothing there either. This is truly not good for me!

All is not lost. I intend on persevering  and getting back to the way things were. Thanks for hanging in there with me.