Married at 16, first child born at 17 and divorced at 18, Paula Walker Baker is not your every day  character. Excitement, a bit of animal husbandry, a little of the city girl gone country, often hair-brained,  a funny outlook on life, yet caring and loving at the same time describes her in one fell swoop. Follow her antics from eloping to remarrying her second ex husband and making a life out in the country more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Paula cohabits with her husband, Stephen the Scotsman,  their dogs, donkeys, cats, horses and various wildlife in the outskirts of Royse City, Texas . He supports her in all her crazy, fun, usually pricey ideas and hobbies. He is her best friend and co-conspirator. They share three kids with spouses,  four grandsons, one grand-daughter in one wacky family. They also share a love for those less fortunate than they.

Through this blog, Paula hopes to broach different subjects in a variety of ways- hopefully with a different way to look at whatever the world has to offer be it good or bad.

Enjoy the ride on her roller coaster.

Paula at her best
Paula at her best

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