The Best Compliment


This past week, I have had shingles. I’m okay and it didn’t get bad, but it has lasted a little longer than I thought it would. As a matter of fact, I thought I’d be well by now. Nevertheless, I went back to the doctor today to make sure I am no longer contagious as we plan to have Thanksgiving dinner with my son’s in laws. My daughter in law is expecting next month and I wanted to make sure I would not expose her to anything.

Well, sir, a routine  doctor’s appointment turned into the best compliment I have ever gotten. Here’s what happened.

I walked out of the office and entered the reception area. I handed my paperwork to the receptionist when she started a conversation with me.

Receptionist : I saw your book at The Well (a coffee shop in town). It looked so cute, I bought it for my kids.

Me: Oh really?? That’s so nice. I hope they are enjoying it.

Receptionist: Oh they love it! They ask me to read it every night . It’s their favorite book; their bedtime story.

Me: Oh, that’s so great! Thank you! You’ve made my day!

As an author, I don’t think there could be any higher compliment than a child loving the book you poured your heart into,  and wanting it to be read at every bedtime. I actually got goose bumps from that interaction with the receptionist.

I hope there are more children who go to bed with Jack Learns to Grill. It’s a book written for each child who reads it.

Thank you to the receptionist who made my day by reaching out to me. I am truly thankful and grateful for all my readers . Happy Thanksgiving!

Indievengeance Day 2016

Last  weekend should have found me at Indivievengeance Day 2016 at Half Price Book Store in Frisco, Texas. Several amazing author friends of mine were there and we were all going to sell autographed books, talk to folks and generally have a great time. Instead, I stayed at home with my old friend, Bronchitis. I would have preferred being at Indievengeance Day.

Authors Susie Clevenger and her husband, Charlie were there. Amber  Jerome Norrgard, of 629 Publications and organizer was there. Jackie Smith, Ben Ditmars and others were all there. I love Indievengeance Day. It is a celebration of  independent authors who choose to bypass traditional publishing for working their own schedules, being in charge of what and when they write and who have great stories to tell. If you have yet to read a book by an independent author, let me encourage you to seek one out.

Even though I was not able to be there, I kept up with their antics on Facebook and it looked as if they had a magnificent time. Look for me next year  when you start seeing Indievengeance Day flyers on Facebook. I’ll be there, right in the thick of things.

To my author friends, so glad you had a great time. See you next year!!!




New Book Out!

I am excited to write that my new book, “And Time Stood Still” is now out on Kindle.
“And Time Stood Still” is the continuing story of Eloise Dowager and what happens to her at The City of Hope, the church for the unhoused she has been attending. She stepped out of her comfort zone to make a meal for the congregation of The City of Hope  and finds herself in the middle of a huge blessing. This blessing shows her that moving out of her comfort zone can yield blessings one can only imagine. The blessing God bestows upon her is beyond her wildest imagination and one that will change her life forever.

I hope if you haven’t read “The Conservative Congregant,” you’ll pick it and “And Time Stood Still here. And be looking for the third and maybe final book coming soon!

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