School? Writing? Painting? What?

It seems as though I have many things I so want to do. I am approximately 12 hours from finishing a degree in Social Work, I have a children’s book that I will be publishing next month, I have more in my head -for the book series, that is, and I have been painting, crafting and stuff. I have so many things I want to do and I want to do it all! Have you ever been in that predicament? So much to do and seemingly no time to do it all. Or maybe there is.

I do have a day job. I take care of a little 74 year old lady for three hours a day. I’m finished with work early. Then, I could go finish school in the afternoon, then homework and after homework, writing, painting and crafts on a rotating schedule. There! I’ve solved it.  I will be able to do it all !

Seriously, though, I do want to finish school. That I have been putting it off because of my blatant hatred of math is just flat out ridiculous . I have never been successful with math and I think it scares me. Imagine that- numbers on a page scaring an ol’ lady like me. But, it does. I don’t know how to overcome my fear other than just jumping in. If any of you have any ideas on how to pass math, I’d sure appreciate any advice.

So, next week, I’ll call University of North Texas and Texas A&M Commerce and get my transcripts, go take the math, get it over with and finally get my degree. It’s only taken me 35 years to get a bachelors degree- It may be 36 or 37 by the time I get it. Then, I may just get an LVN degree. We’ll just have to see. No use counting my chickens before they hatch, huh?

Funny Little Gadgets -Men

“The chickens need checking on, ” I told my husband after dinner.  “They haven’t been laying and so I didn’t check on them,” I continued.

“Ok.” he answered, heading over to the coat, tack, and miscellaneous rack by our front door, grabbing his little head light. He loves his head light. It’s got an elastic band so that he can put it on his head and has a very bright light and a red light. The bright white light I get. The red one? Not so much. I get a kick out of him and his gadgets. He told me he liked it because then he doesn’t have to carry a flashlight and of course should he get attacked or something, well, he has two free hands instead of one. I burst out laughing at the mental image I got while he was explaining the reason he loved this little head light so much.

I must be a real girl or something because when I tried it on, it didn’t do a thing for me. I didn’t look cool, I did have another hand- two free hands (in case of attack) . I couldn’t even find the switch to turn it on. I love that guys are so attached to their “toys.”  It gives me a good deal of satisfaction to know that should he laugh at my things, I can laugh at his.  He does and I do on occassion. It’s fun and laughter is always good medicene- but have you ever noticed how amused guys are when they use their tools to fix things? It’s an almost macho kind of way they swing their bodies around when using said tools. It’s kinda like them beating their chests, you know. Now, I’m not comparing them to our hairy friends, the apes . I’m just sayin’.

Of course, we girls have our crafting toys, paints, makeup, clothes and high heels, purses, jewelry and countless other things we like to play with. We just don’t beat our chests when we use them. Just thinking that makes me hurt! But, men are so proud when they fix something or do something with their tools or lights or -oh here is a good one- tape measures- the metal kind.Guys always like to measure and use levels and screwdrivers and all manner of electrical things- saws, weedeaters, things of that nature. Riding lawn mowers- now there is a “beat my chest toy”  every man longs to have- yard or not. A real status symbol.

It’s funny because the way I was brought up- well, there were girl toys and boy toys. A lot of people don’t do that anymore. My boy cousins had G.I.Joes, I had Barbies. They had Rock’em Sock’em Robots, I had Chatty Kathy. A world of difference yet the same result. Entertaining and a sense of pride. Always a plus in any book- feeling good about yourself and having fun at the same time. Works for me.

not my husband and not exactly the same light, but you get the idea!
not my husband and not exactly the same light, but you get the idea!